Review: Love the way you are

Love the way you are

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Model

Native title: 身为一个胖子
Original network: Mango TV

Really enjoy catching up on this drama.

Zhen Yuan Yuan Eva (Judy Qi) is a supermodel in current day but was a plump girl who have a secret crush on her high school senior, Ruan Dong Shen (Derek Chang) who is now a successful entrepreneur and chef. Due to some misunderstanding, they was separated back and met again at a pool party.

DISCLAIMER: The following content contain spoilers. Here’s my first impression of the drama if you are not keen to find out the ending.


Supermodel and Chef

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Yuan Yuan has a weird curse (rare balloon disease) that she will turn from her model Eva’s slender figure to Yuan Yuan the plump girl once she consume more than 1,000 calories a day. Dong Shen on the other end is a chef that lost his taste sense after the bomb accident that claimed his father’s life.

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The four dishes that Dong Shen’s father left behind for him is the most precious thing to him and he want to replicate it badly. Without the sense of taste, it is really hard for him to do so. Another hand, Eva discover that she will not return to Yuan Yuan despite eating tonnes of food that Dong Shen cooks. Eva with her extraordinary taste buds helped Dong Shen to improve his dishes.

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Strong misunderstanding

Due to a misunderstanding, the couple passed each other in high school and that carried till adult life as Eva and Dong Shen.

Dong Shen strongly believe that Eva is Yuan Yuan yet she did not admit the fact. He made them contract bind to be onscreen couple. Yet they do have real feelings for each other which is why it is funny when they ‘break up’.

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Finally together

Rebecca (Zhang Hao Jin) is the darling in World of Angels modelling industry and was jealous of how the limelight is moving to Eva. She knew Dong Shen since college days and she try all ways to sabotage both her career and their relationship.

Rebecca’s scheme made Yuan Yuan appear and Dong Shen grabbed the chance to be upfront with the low self esteem her. Through the kiss, Dong Shen gain back the taste of bitterness.

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Eva still took quite a fair time to be able to let Yuan Yuan face Dong Shen and after that, they have to face his mother who is not please after someone anonymously left Eva’s medical record with her.

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Her or no one else

Dong Shen was furious to find out his mother caused Yuan Yuan to reveal herself in the public and also the reason she couldn’t face him until she slim back.

If I don’t love myself, I don’t deserve and don’t feel like I deserve to be love by someone else.

Yuan Yuan, Love the way you are (2019)
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Dating life

After opening up to each other, Eva set on a mission to help Dong Shen gain back the rest of the taste and together they create chance for Xiao Nan (Qiu Bai Hao) and Luo Yi Ren (Ma Meng Wei) to be a couple.

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Eva wanted a double date and finally seize the chance after her ‘brother’ Xiao Nan have a stable girlfriend. Dong Shen said he will plan the double date which bores them.

The couples have more than one identity and together they solve problem by problem. Their chemistry together as actors are really good.


Dong Shen thought that Eva drop hints to settle down and went on research on how, where to propose to her. Because of their secretive behaviour, Eva though that Xiao Nan has a third wheel behind Yi Ren’s back and went to follow Xiao Nan.

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End up, it turns out to be a proposal for Xiao Nan and Yi Ren.
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The real real couple. Without revealing any plan or their ideal proposal, Eva’s bring Dong Shen to file for their marriage license just like how Dong Shen propose his plan to Xiao Nan and Yi Ren.

Model turn fashion designer

Always a dream for Eva to have her own label. She was fired by CEO of World of Angels, Jackson due to the sudden balloon syndrome multiple times that stood him up for shows without explanation. After they truthfully told him everything and after he calm down, he suggest her to start her own label.

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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