Review: Love Unexpected

Love Unexpected - 不可思议的爱情

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Sports, Bodyguard

Native title: 不可思议的爱情
Original network: Mango TV

The drama is about a romance between a CEO with alexithymia and his bodyguard that apply the job for another motive. Xu Nuo (Kris Fan Shi Qi) lost the ability to feel emotions after an accident. Ke Si Yi (Judy Qi) applied to be a bodyguard to find out what Xu Nuo is thinking and hope to save her father’s boxing stadium.

New bodyguard on board

Xu Nuo developed alexithymia after a car accident 3 years ago that claimed his mother’s life. His cold-blood character gives him leverage to have better judgment for business but that lured more enemies. To protect him, his best friend/ lawyer Zhou Yan Xin (Wang Xu Dong) hire a bodyguard for him.

New female bodyguard report to work. Love Unexpected
New female bodyguard report to work. Love Unexpected

Ke Si Yi is the only female applicant and she wanted to get the job badly to find out what Xu Nuo want to do with her father’s boxing stadium. She impressed everyone during the job interview and naturally became Xu Nuo’s bodyguard.


Xu Nuo discover that the pain Ke Si Yi experience physically will only hit him and not her. Ever since the first day of work, Xu Nuo start to feel all the physical hits that Ke Si Yi is experience and there is no explainable logic behind it.

Ke Si Yi realized that she can feel the emotions that Xu Nuo is experiencing. For convenience’s sake, Xu Nuo and Ke Si Yi live under one roof with Ke Si Yi as his 24-hour bodyguard.

Xu Nuo feel the pain instead of Ke Si Yi. Love Unexpected
Xu Nuo feel the pain instead of Ke Si Yi. Love Unexpected


They are caught in a situation which made them vulnerable and inseparable with each other. Even though Xu Nuo and Ke Si Yi are not romantically involved, Ke Si Yi starts to develop a crush due to Xu Nuo’s over protective manners that is indirectly protecting himself.

With no emotions, it is hard for Xu Nuo to distinguish happy or sad and let’s not even go into love. Ke Si Yi’s pink bubbles are bubbling non-stop and she is confused by who is actually the owner of the feeling.

Will they ever find a solution and reverse the situation?

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