Review: Magic School (web-drama)

Magic School1

Web-drama that Jinyoung (GOT7) takes on the lead role. And I believe it will be nicer than [A Stray Goat] movie that I watched because of him as well.

No. of episodes: 4
Genre: Romance

Original title: 마술학교
Aired on September 2017
Original network: JTBC

Na-ra (acted by Jinyoung) is an obedient son to his father since young. Every birthday is the day he felt sorry for his father as he lost his wife on the very same day.

Na-ra’s father always wanted him to become a public servant when he grows up and he naturally took the path until something happened when he developed another feeling for his best friend, Woo-ri (acted by Park Gyu Young).

Review Magic School Web Drama

Wanting to confess to her, Na-ra decided to learn magic and found the magic school where he will meet the rest of the main cast. Jay (acted by Yoon Park)a popular magician, Joon (acted by Nichkhun) a resident in a hospital and Lee Sung (acted by Kang Yoon Je) a scientist that is researching on the link between science and magic.

Review Magic School Web Drama

Apart from Na-ra’s reason to pick up magic, I really love why Joon wanted to learn. To bring joy to the patients in the hospital.

Episode 1-2: Introduction to the main cast and some background stories of their motive to learn magic and how they met.

Episode 3: Na-ra got a chance to be an assistant to Kim Jong Man (acted by Nam Sung Joon) for a magic performance in a kindergarten and earn his first allowance through magic performance. He found the joy that magic brings to him.

Episode 4: Na-ra decided to take on the magic path and left the house to live in the magic school. Lee Sung ends up falling in love with Master Han’s (acted by Ryu Seung Soo) daughter, Han Yi Seul (acted by Shin Eun Soo) and started to think feelings rather than scientific formulas.

(Fun fact: Shin Eun Soo and Jinyoung acted as a couple in Legend of the Blue Sea) 

Review Magic School Web Drama

Song: 예뻤어 You were beautiful by Day6

OMG, I cannot handle this! But finally not an awkward kiss scene from Jinyoung.

Review Magic School Web Drama

Cool short web series that is easy to watch. Of course, there are more stories apart from the Jinyoung portion I’ve mentioned here.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

Where to watch? Kissdramaclub

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