Review: Meeting You

Meeting You, 谢谢让我遇见你. Cdrama 2020

No. of episodes: 28
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School, Psychological

Native title: 谢谢让我遇见你
Original network: Mango TV

The drama is about a reunion of a talented boy with social anxiety Nan Xi (Fiction Guo) and a talkative and enthusiastic girl Xia Rui (Wan Peng). Nan Xi and Xia Rui became friends after playing together in the neighborhood but lost after Nan Xi move out. They reunited in a high school when an accident reveal the sentimental gift Nan Xi made for Xia Rui.

The reunion

I Found You Meeting You
I found you. Meeting you.

Even though she is bad at studying and anything related to academy, Xia Rui is a righteous big sister of class ninth class. When a new transferred student came in late and odd, he create a wave of being the odd antisocial guy with cap on.

Reunion After 12 Years Meeting You
Reunion after 12 years. Meeting You.

An accident led to the identity reveal, Nan Xi found the friend he lost for 12 years. Nan Xi indirectly help Xia Rui to improve her grades with notes and tips. After awhile, he confessed that he is the little boy.

Fitting in

High School Friends Gathering Meeting You

Xia Rui knew Nan Xi was the little boy, she instantly know why he live in his shell and she wants to help him and protect him. Xia Rui slowly help Nan Xi to open up by expanding his circle of friends and be his ending point.

Zhao Yi Shu (Li Ao) and Cheng Er Luo (Jin Shi Kang) is Xia Rui’s best friends since high school, and because of Xia Rui, they decide to help Nan Xi and protect him as well.

Xia Rui Protecting Nan Xi From Rumors Spreading In The Class Meeting You


In order to stay with her friends, Xia Rui was grilled with packed study time table set. Even though she gave her best, she did not make the mark to be in the same college with the rest. To convince Xia Rui’s mother to let her stay in China, Nan Xi came up with a plan overnight.

Xia Rui managed to enroll in another college within the same city with her friends and also able to protect Nan Xi and help him to fit in and do things that he don’t feel comfortable, example like be in a crowded place.

Italy opportunity

Plan To Study Abroad Together Meeting You
Plan to study abroad together. Meeting you.

Since high school the café boss near their school found Xia Rui’s talent as a barista and she develop interest and passion for coffee as well. Even though Xia Rui did not win in a open competition, she was discovered by a Italy businessman and offer her an opportunity to study abroad for a year.

Almost give up the idea, Nan Xi overheard the offer and decide to join an architectural competition in hopes to get first place and study in Milan. However, his work got sabotaged and will they made it to overseas study?

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