Review: Memorist (2020)


No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Thriller, Supernatural, Crime, Investigation, Police

Native title: 메모리스트
Original network: tvN

The supernatural thriller is really creepy with the cases and minds of the killers. Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho) as supernatural ability to read whoever he touches, he can replicate their memories and given the nickname ‘Telepathy’. Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young) is the youngest senior superintendent in the police force who passed her bar exam and has a doctorate in criminal psychology. She is known to be a genius profiler and super smart person.

Disappearing girls

Everything begins when they start to investigate what happened to the missing girls in their early 20s. Their bodies are found wearing white and brutally murdered after being raped.

Joining force

While investigating on their separate cases, Dong Baek and Sun Mi always lead themselves to the same place to further investigate. Dong Baek’s supernatural power and his instinct told him that the missing girl is the potential prey of the series of murder.

Review Memorist 2020

Along with Dong Baek, he has two other offices that really trust him and will go all out to help him even it means that he was a troublemaker. Goo Kyung Tan (Ko Chang Seok) is like a father in the squad and Oh Se Hoon (Yoon Ji On) trust Dong Baek since day one in the police force.

Review Memorist 2020

Fighting the powerful

Review Memorist 2020

The killer is a powerful leader with the greatest power on hand, many other powerful leaders are protecting him and themselves which makes it hard for them to catch him back. All the evidence and witness found are buried from the orders top down.

The eraser

Stepping deeper into the case, the past memory of Dong Baek starts to float. His first love was murdered and he he still trying to find the killer.

Review Memorist 2020

When we discover there is another person with supernatural power who is capable of erasing one’s memory including Dong Baek, everyone starts to suspect different people.

Always when we though we finally found the eraser, it turns out he/she is not. One clue leads to a bigger scheme and more deaths.


Every time Dong Baek uses his powers, his health will drop and he is trying to race with time and gamble his life to find the mastermind behind every death.

Review Memorist 2020

The final reveal gave me goosebumps and it is like “OMG, IT MAKE SENSE” and I did not anticipate it. Kuddos to the scriptwriter Ahn Do Ha and Hwang Ha Na!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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