Review: Meow, the Secret boy (2020)

Meow the Secret Boy drama poster

No. of episodes: 24 (30 mins each)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Native title: 어서와
Original network: KBS2

The drama was cut down by 8 episodes, suspect is due to the bad ratings like A piece of my mind. Nevertheless, it is a good fantasy romance drama.

Kim Sol Ah (Shin Ye Eun) is a graphic designer by day and inspire to be a web toon (comic) artist one day. She has a crush on her high school classmate Lee Jae Sun (Seo Ji Hoon) for 10 years yet nothing happened.

One day, she temporary adopted a white cat and rename him Hong Jo (L, Kim Myung Soo) as Jae Sun couldn’t keep him in with his cat allergy. The cat can transform into human and toggle between human and cat while living with Sol Ah.

Almost blossom

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

Sol Ah has a crush on Jae Sun and they almost have their happy ever after years ago but did not happen due to a misunderstanding. Yet, Sol Ah still checks in on him and he did the same just with a cold attitude.

Moving to a new place

Sol Ah’s dad, Kim Soo Pyung (Ahn Nae Sung) decide to remarry Bang Shil (Jo Hye Run) and move to the village with her. Bang Shil told Sol Ah to move to her house in Seoul and her son will occasionally stays while he is back from travelling.

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

Coincidentally, she move directly across the cafe that Jae Sun runs. Naturally the gap between them start to close up until Hong Jo appear as a human.

Adopt a cat

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

Sol Ah adopted the cat to help Jae Sun but she did not like cats since she is living with cat-like humans like her father and her crush. Magical thing happened, Hong Jo can take the human form when he is with Sol Ah or carry her belonging.

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

Day in day out, Sol Ah feel that Hong Jo understands her and will give her comfort when she feel down. End up she did not want to give him away after Jae Sun found adopter.

Are you human or cat?

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

Jae Sun is the first person to find out the Hong Jo is actually a cat. Both of them became closer and Hong Jo works for Jae Sun as the part timer in the cafe while he keep an eye on him.

Really cute to see them working together and Jae Sun have to constantly cover his tracks in case his secret is out.

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

Identity covered

Wonder how they are able to live under one roof and the secret is still safe? Sol Ah mistaken human Hong Jo as her step brother Bang Gook Bong, so she naturally think that everything is okay.

You are here, all along?

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

When the truth is let out of the bag, Hong Jo passed the ball back to Sol Ah for her to decide the next step. While he give her space, Hong Jo stays in the cafe opposite.

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

Eun Ji Eun (Yoon Ye Joon) is a senior working with Sol Ah and Go Doo Shik (Kang Hoon). Her cat-like introvert self starts to warm up to Sol Ah and they became good friends. All of them are actually high school art classmates. Ji Eun’s crush on Doo Shik is way longer than Sol Ah and Jae Sun.

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020

Welcome, home

The title of the drama 어서와 translate to ‘Welcome’, how your pet will always welcome you home no matter rain or shine. The warm feeling and comfort you receive from them will make your heart so full.

In the drama, Hong Jo always wait for Sol Ah to be back home to welcome her as human.

Review Meow The Secret Boy 2020
include just to admire his visual, ah… Seo Ji Hoon…

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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