Review: Meteor Garden 2018

Definitely one of my favorites recently. Reproduce by the original producer from the Taiwan (1st) version back in 2001. When Netflix released the news that they will be airing the series starting Jul 13, it went viral on the social media platforms.

Back to the series, every week they will release around 4 episodes on Thursday/Friday however if you can’t wait for it, try MangoTV (Chinese platform) where they release the episode prior Netflix. Tried both and lesson learned, just stick to Netflix for consistency.

So, if you are new to the Meteor Garden series, here’s a preview/trailer:

No doubt, they are replicating what was in the series be it Taiwan, Japan, and least Korea versions. But the show was almost perfect, apart from that particular love line that made netizen bashing the digital world. Struggles that all of us goes through during the 30-32 episode.

They wrap up the series to show all the main characters’ ending which leads me to think that they will not be producing any more Meteor Garden.

Curious to watch it? Link here if you have a Netflix account.

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