Review: Moment of Eighteen

Moment at Eighteen drama poster with Ong Seung Woo.

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: School, Romance

Native title: 열여덟의 순간
Original network: JTBC, (available on Netflix)

They first had their script reading early 2019 and I was waiting for it to air. Even though I did not catch it while it was airing last summer, my time to binge watch on Netflix now.

The story

Choi Jun Woo (Ong Seong Woo) is a transfer student that has no interest in school life after being forced to transfer and framed in his previous high school. On his first day, he was warmly welcomed by the class president, Ma Hwi Young (Shin Seung Ho) who is the perfect student at school with his results, popularity and family background.

Review Moment Of Eighteen
“I didn’t know you know how to smile.” – Soo Bin (Moment at Eighteen, 2019)

Jun Woo was framed again in for stealing a tutor’s watch and he volunteer to transfer out within a week of his new school life. He knew something was off with Hwi Young and he took it, he did not care. However, Hwi Young step on his tail after seeing his crush, Yu Soo Bin (Kim Hyang Gi) took more interest in him.

The hidden bully

Hwi Young is the perfect student and he seems to control the class better than their assistant teacher, Oh Han Gyul (Kang Ki Young) who slowly found that pattern out.

Review Moment Of Eighteen

The story behind why Hwi Young behave this way in school is really painful to see. Other students only see the glamours side of his good grades and rich family background. What they don’t see if the mental stress and physical abuse he received.

Student GIF

(Kind of pity him yet hate to see him sabotaging his peers in school.)

Confession time

Soo Bin first confessed to Jun Woo and they did not know how to react or how to accept even though they are both feeling the same way. The entire process of them after that confession is called “overthinking” but I guess many will relate to it so well.

The timing isn’t always right, when Jun Woo reciprocate the love, someone interrupted. Even after they finally had the first date it was ended because of Hwi Young.

Review Moment Of Eighteen
Thankfully they pull through all the misunderstanding and walk together. They grow together which is the most beautiful thing to have from a relationship. Growing better together.


Life like at eighteen

One more year before you enter your final year, the stress that parents are enforcing makes some really stressed and they might not use the right way to vent it out. 18, the age that makes people start to date someone else and feel butterflies but also the year of stressful studies.

Review Moment Of Eighteen
Parents should be less obsess with their child’s result and take care of how they feel.
Review Moment Of Eighteen
Being different is not weird, is just how you feel and no one can judge you. This is just how you feel, loving someone else is not shameful.

Jung Oh Jae (ASTRO’s Moon Bin) tried his best to develop feelings for Da Huin (Kim Bo Yun) but always feel guilty for not being able to replicate her feelings.

Rain GIF
At least you are trying your best not to turn into the monster you hate. Maybe you just need more time, but time is all you have at eighteen.

Thankfully you are only eighteen, even if something f*** up happened you still got time to restart. Because you are only eighteen, you have time to reflect and more time to reorganise your thoughts and your path.

Review Moment Of Eighteen

Love how they focus more than just the lives of the main roles, the cast is pretty strong with good chemistry.

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

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