Review: Monthly Magazine Home

Monthly Magazine House - JTBC Kdrama 2021

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Business

Native title: 월간 집
Original network: JTBC, iQiyi

The drama is about a romance story between a self-made CEO Yoo Ja Sung (Kim Ji Suk) and his housemate Na Young Won (Jung So Min). The story unfolds while we follow the editors of a house magazine company.

Caught in a love triangle with Ja Sung, and a promising freelance photographer Shin Gyeom (Jung Gun Joo). Young Won did not expect herself to be in a dilemma between two brothers.

Monthlyhousemagazine Running From Drunk Youngwon
Monthly House Magazine

Forced and penniless

Na Young Won is a victim of a real estate case, she lost her deposits and a shelter when her landlord took her money and ran away. Yoo Ja Sung is an investor primarily in real estate, his hard work and eye for good investment shaped him to where he is now.

Monthlyhousemagazine Running Angryyoungwon
Young Won found out that she was cheated and went all out furious. Monthly House Magazine

He used his own method to get Young Won to leave the house that he is claiming back. Since then, Young Won was forced to live in cheap rental space due to her budget constraints.

A survivor

Finding a job is hard and even harder for Young Won as an editor. One of her senior Yeo Eui Joo (Chae Jung An) poached her to her company as there is an opening for the role. Delighted and excited, she went in for an interview the next day and was accepted almost instantly by the Chief Editor Choi Go (Kim Won Hae).

Young Won was shocked by the quick enrolment but was delighted to finally found a job. Reporting to work, she then knows what was the real deal. She is the editor solely reporting to the Monthly Magazine House’s CEO Yoo Ja Sung and write advertorials.

Both of them remember the episode before Young Won joined the company, but decided to be professional. Working under Ja Sung means he only wants facts and positive reviews of the house, there is no space for creativity that every editor wants. But to earn a living, she accepts her job and assignment.

Monthlyhousemagazine Reportingforwork
Young Won aced her assignment deadline that amazed Ja Sung. Monthly House Magazine

New landlord + Determination

Knowing that Young Won is staying in a very ill environment, Ja Sung took her into one of his properties and rent to her without charging a deposit. Young Won was thankful that he extends his hand for her.

Now living is settled, Young Won knew that she needs to brush up her knowledge in real estate for her job as well as her dream to be an apartment owner one day. She starts to watch Ja Sung’s video available online and joined the online community to learn from other dreamers as well.

Love at first sight

Ja Sung is a CEO that only allows his team to have a budget of USD$30/ per pax for dinner. Calculating everything down to a single penny, he is known to be stingy. That trait of him slowly changes when he starts to develop a liking towards Young Won.

Love at first sight, Shin Gyeom saw Young Won who is Ja Sung’s editor. Ja Sung is like a real brother to Shin Gyeom and to keep him working, he asked him to join the Magazine House as a photographer.

Monthlyhousemagazine Running Conveniencestorebuddy
Shin Gyeom and Na Young Won became convenience store buddies to save money. Monthly House Magazine

Seeing how Shin Gyeom splurges on shopping, she assumes that he is like any other youngster and convinced him to start saving when he is still young. Because he likes her, he did not reveal his family background. Living in the same neighborhood, Young Won and Shin Gyeom became convenience store buddies to save money.

In a relationship

Dating seems like a luxury to Young Won who has a goal to save for her first house. The constant small gesture and help from Ja Sung start to waver Young Won’s heart. When they finally got together, Shin Gyeom was hurt but suffer in silence.

Ja Sung then knows that the person Shin Gyeom likes is Young Won. Feeling guilty of not knowing who his brother likes and now seeing himself suffering in silence, he decided to end things with Young Won.

What will happen to the three of them?

Overall, the production value is apparent and if you love to see the interior, architecture, and real estate in general, this is for you.

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