Review: Moonlight

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Romance, Business, Comedy

Native title: 月光变奏曲
Original network: iQiyi

The story of Chu Li (Esther Yu Shuxin) entering her dream company Yuan Yue Publishing House after graduating with a finance degree, not knowing that it is just a beginning of a challenging path. Zhou Chuan (Ryan Ding Yixi) is a renowned author who later discovers that Chu Li is his online friend that he trusts and confides in. The two cross paths and have been online friends for 3 years and counting.

Moonlight - Cdrama featuring THE9 Esther Yu and Ryan Ding Yu Xi
Moonlight – Cdrama featuring THE9 Esther Yu and Ryan Ding Yu Xi

Greenie onboard

Chu Li did not have any experience with the editor position nor any academic qualifications in literature, her motivation is purely on her passion for the publishing industry and especially to join Yuan Yue Publishing House. She was rejected initially but her accidental help gave her a chance to prove herself. The Head of editors Yu Yao (Wang Ting) is constantly at work and did not have much time for family. Constantly being involved in politics by the second chair in her team.

Chu Li reminds her of her younger self, someone filled with passion and just wants to publish good books and realize good potential authors and groom them. The chance card was given but to secure the internship position, she has to signed author Zhou Chuan’s upcoming book. Even though she knows that it will be tricky, she still wants to give it a shot.

Mission impossible

Chu Li try various ways to get Zhou Chuan to talk to her. Moonlight

Zhou Chuan and Chu Li met briefly in Jiang Yu Cheng’s (Yang Shi Ze) bookstore where he took the book that Chu Li eye on. Not know that he is the author, Chu Li rang on his doorbell every day for a chance to convince him to be on board. After accidentally discovered that she is his online friend, he starts to pay more attention to her and eventually signs his upcoming book with Yuan Yue.


Being alone in the big city, Chu Li’s intern salary is not getting her a decent enough shelter. When her landlord raises the rent even higher, Chu Li couldn’t afford it and moved out. Heading nowhere, she bunked into Zhou Chuan in his big landed house.

Knowing her situation, Zhou Chuan offered her a room to stay in and even went to furnish the room with new furniture. Instead of paying rent, Chu Li has to dog sit for Zhou Chuan’s huge dog Er Gou and also prepare his three meals from scratch. It is even more convenient for her to stay since she has to work closely with him for the new book.

Hidden Identity

Chu Li found out that the book store owner is her favorite writer/author Jiang Yu Chen and she is over the moon. Her interest in her idol sparks jealously from Zhou Chuan who by then has developed feelings for her. Jiang Yu Chen is trying to move out of the relationship with his ex, he starts to court Chu Li as well. The two best of friends are open about their love interest in Chu Li.

Both of them use a different approach to woo her, Yu Chen uses the traditional way of confessing and openly court, while Zhou Chuan uses the method of ordering her to stay beside him to close up their distance physically. Slowly, Chu Li knows who she likes and told Yu Chen. Finally set her heart on one, she discovers that Zhou Chuan is her online friend Mr. Fox and felt toyed.

Zhou Chuan protecting Chu Li’s identity from the press. Moonlight

How will Zhou Chuan savage the situation with Chu Li? Will they finally get the novel published?

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