Review: More Than Friends

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No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Comedy

Native Title: 경우의 수
Original network: JTBC

The drama about an unrequited love between a struggling calligraphist and talented photographer. Kyung Woo Yeon (Shin Ye Eun) and Lee Soo (Ong Seong Wu) are high school classmates. Distance between them close up but the day Lee Soo left for further studies in the United States, Woo Yeon confessed.

Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon, 2010. More than friends.
Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon, 2010. More than friends.

However, Lee Soo want them to be just friends.

Lee Soo is a handsome and talented individual who is well aware of his charms. Despite the big ego and high confidence level, he is often surrounded by girls trying to win his heart. Woo Yeon is an innocent scatterbrain yet optimist person, trying to please everyone but constantly being bullied while trying to please her ‘so-called’ friends.


Woo Yeon did not fall for Lee Soo when they were classmates but fell for him because of his act of service towards her. Not knowing that it is love, Lee Soo just want to protect the scatted brain Woo Yeon from being bullied by their peers.

She fell for him but he only regard her as a friend. Woo Yeon fell hard and deep even after two rejections over the past 7 years. Tried to date other guys but always break up after a couple of dates.

Career or Dream

Woo Yeon is fond of being a calligraphist since high school but making her dream into a career does not provide enough food. She took on multiple part time jobs just to support herself to take a step closer to her dream. When Lee Soo return from America, he questioned Woo Yeon why didn’t she do calligraphy full time.

Lee Soo took the initiative and create opportunity to get closer to Woo Yeon after he rejected her the second time 3 years ago.

Working together

Woo Yeon swears that she want to put a full stop to end the curse but was tied together once again.

Oh Junsu (Kim Dong Jun) is a CEO of a publishing company and offered photographer Lee Soo and calligraphist newbie Woo Yeon to work together for a book, not knowing that they are acquaintance.

Circle of friends

Being high school friends means they have the same clique of friends that stick to them for a decade. However, the heart to the group of friends are the three girls and are closer to Woo Yeon.

6 close friends in More than Friends.

Han Jin Joo (Baek Soo Min) is a smart prosecutor at age of 28, but she has not fate when it comes to dating life. Kim Young Hee (Ahn Eun Jin) and Shin Hyun Jae (Choi Chan Ho) a couple dating for a decade, high school sweethearts with their own bitter sorrow life. Last but not least, Jin Sang Hyuk (Pyo Ji Hoon) the owner of the restaurant Tonight where they always gather together.

Dating life

Junsu knew that Lee Soo is the person that Woo Yeon has a crush on for a decade, but he want her to walk away from the toxic relationship. Junsu went all out to court the girl who made him feel butterflies since his first love.

Woo Yeon wanted a fresh start and started dating life with Junsu. Everything seems like going according to their plan until Lee Soo realized that his feelings towards Woo Yeon is love and not the friendship he want to maintain.

Woo Yeon end up breaking Junsu’s heart and went to Lee Soo. The couple did not get their happily ever after as they are unable to balance out relationship and dreams. Will they get back together?

Those who love to see how friends stick through thick and thin, this is a good drama that balance both friendship and BG relationship.

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