Review: Mr Honesty

Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Cdrama poster

No. of episodes: 31
Genre: Romance, Drama

Native Title: 不说谎恋人
Original network: Tencent Video

The drama is about a relationship between a CEO and his assistant. Fang Zhi You (Xin Yun Lai) is a CEO of a self-established architect firm, Fang Yuan. He lives by a strict rule of no lie and pure honesty after something major happened when he was young.

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Xu Yi Ren (Liang Jie) lost her boyfriend and job overnight and found an opportunity to be an assistant in Fang Yuan. She is someone so use to saying white lies and immediately failed the interview.

Probation month

He Yu Wen (Luo Qiu Yun) is Zhi You’s business partner and college friend decide to hire Yi Ren on his behalf and he has to give her a chance to work for him. Yi Ren is witty and attentive, slowly Zhi You accept her and unknowingly look out for her during work.


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Zhi You always make an exception when Yi Ren lies. Even though he did not realize that, but it doesn’t cause any uncomfortable or irritated which he usually feel. Understanding the reason why Yi Ren lie, he slowly changes his perspective on white lies.

Zhi You cannot lie and once he is aware of his heart, he confessed to Yi Ren. To Yi Ren, they are from a different world and she cannot be shameless and accept him even though she likes him too.

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The biggest matchmaker for them is Zhi You’s younger sister, Fang Shi Yu (Wang Sheng Di). Leap of faith, Yi Ren agree to the relationship but she did not want anyone else to know.

Yi Ren feels that the relationship with Zhi You is like a dream and she will wake up anytime, this cause the biggest insecurity.

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Jealously triggered

Yu Wen born with silver spoon, only wants the best and that includes Zhi You. After her father stole Zhi You’s architecture design, she left the company and start up Fang Yuan with Zhi You.

Invest her youth and all her time just to be the strongest partner for Zhi You and hope in return, he will continue life journey. Introducing Yi Ren to the company and Zhi You’s assistant slowly became her biggest regret.

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An extreme mindset that if she can’t have Zhi You, no one can. Yu Wen gang up with her father and stole his design again.

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The biggest gap in their relationship is insecurity and other sabotage just keep them closer. Just like most of the real relationships out there, insecurity is really the biggest issue.

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