Review: My Ages Apart



A series full of surprise and unexpected twist and turns. Everything because of an old school weighing machine placed outside the retro cinema. (Honestly, just the machine and the card it dispenses that made all these.)

Soul swop (more than once, more than one pair)and the Pig Taxi Driver that will drive you to the past (and future once in a while). 

The Cast

Main characters: Bobby Au (as Sung Chung Kei), Moses Chan (as Kwong Kong Sang), Louis Cheung (as Walking, Sheung Ho Mong), Ali Lee (as Paris Sheung Ho Yiu), Kristal Tin (as Ling Kit Yu).

The revenge

Even though the cards from the weighing machine place an important role in the entire series, the main body of the story drills down to the main lead wanting to seek revenge for his late parents.

Everything is exaggerated

Cards from the weighing machine allow you to travel back in time, soul swop and make your wish come true. Even though it allows you to have a different experience in life, but there is always a price to pay.

Out of the 50 episodes, I truly enjoy the first 10 episodes and the numerous twist after the 30th episodes. To know how many souls got swapped and how many rides they took back to the past out of curiosity or to check the truth, start sitting in front of the screen and start the 50 episode.


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