Review: My Dear Lady

My Dear Lady 你成功引起我的注意了 2020 China drama poster

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Business

Native Title: 你成功引起我的注意了
Original network: Sohu TV

The drama is about a 23 year old CEO Cheng Li (Liu Te) open to hire a 24-hours standby personal assistant. The cosmetic company he established is just a lesson in his mother’s eyes and she wanted him to return to the family business soon.

Divorced after 6-7 years of marriage with a kid, Ling Xun Xun (Jiang Meng Jie) devoted her life to her ex-husband and kid immediately after graduating. No working experience at 29 year old, it is hard to find a job.

24 hours on standby


Xun Xun accidentally crash into Cheng Li’s car, she went up his office to talk about the compensation. Coincidentally notice the position is open and brave to get in the job.

Desperately needed a job so that she can get the custody back, she agree on the ridiculous terms like 24 hours on standby, have to settle boss’s work and personal stuff. Xun Xun move in to live with Cheng Li and have to settle his three meals, impromptu parties etc.

Apart from that, she kept the biggest secret about her son so that she can take up the job offer.

Afraid of the dark

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Can’t understand why his boss have to keep all lights on at all time even during sleep, Xun Xun still kept the lights on anyway. When the neighbourhood has power outage, that is the first time she witness why Cheng Li insist to keep the lights on.

Cheng Li has trauma after an incident during his elementary school days. Ever since he lost part of the memory and wake up only know he has a fear of darkness.

Slowly falling

Slowly falling for her charms. The 23 year old CEO is mature and he did not feel that there is a need to care about the age difference between them. Wanting to protect her, to see her.

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Even though Xun Xun changes her mindset towards Cheng Li after working with him, even liking him as a man felt so unrealistic. Cheng Li’s mother exposed Xun Xun that she has a son to break them up.

Cheng Li felt betray as there are many chance for her to be honest after they are official. On the other hand, Xun Xun’s ex-husband is back and want to patch back with her for the sake of their son.

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Things happened and Cheng Li want to walk into her life, to be accepted by her son as well.

Even though this story is unrealistic, but maybe there is 0.000001% case happened in the real world. Still, this is yet another drama that proves young man can be mature and the gap of two minds does not determine by their actual age.

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