Review: My Friends from Afar 知星人

My Friends From Afar Episode 20

Rare to watch a local drama (Singapore made) and let’s not even mention, having the idea of translating it into words and review. However, this is one of the very few local drama that I really enjoy.

In short, this is a drama about a group aliens from AMIKUS Planet sent to Earth for 2 different missions. Testing if Earth is a suitable place for them to migrate permanently and also to search for ‘12345’ that betrayed their Queen.

Review My Friends From Afar

The fresh idea that I really like about this drama:

  • Aliens are afraid of the King of Fruits (Durian) and the strong smell might kill them. (As this is an unique taste and smell which not many can accept.)
  • Males are the one giving birth and Females are the leaders.

Even though some concept of the alien’s occupation and their lifestyle do reminds me of a film I watched before. On how every ‘citizen’ is given equal rights, equal housing, and everything depending on their age. Career will be decided and sorted (like Harry Potter) accordingly once they are ‘adult’ in the country (area).

The 25 episodes of drama lead by Shaun Chen (as Yang Tiansheng, Leopard King), Carrie Wong (as Chen Fengjiao, 93870), Paige Chua (as Yang Tianning), Aloysius Pang (as Chen Xianglin, 51487) and Brandon Wong (as Chen Xiaolong, 85252) made me laugh and tear (only at the end).

Carrie, Aloysius, Brandon and the ‘Princess’ was sent to Earth to take a look and see if they are able to adapt to Earth and living among humans. The only data they have are honestly pulled from Google (i think), and the Kapi device that only the leads are qualified to wear is a micro version of Amazon Alexa. Any information can be pulled out with them sending telepathy message to the kapi device with 2 flicks of their wrist, it is also the tool for them to report back to the Queen.

The alien family

Mentioned above that 4 aliens came to earth together for the 2 missions. With no emotions or rather, not knowing what is feeling between living things into a family.

Once they landed on Earth, Xiaolong became a dad of 3.

Eldest brother: Xianglin
Second daughter: Fengjiao
Youngest daughter: Princess

The romance

Chen Fengjiao is the leader of the 4 and felt she is not capable to lead them after falling in love with a human, Leopard King and pass the kapi device to Chen Xianglin.

Chen Xianglin unwillingly accepted the role as a leader and took the kapi device over. Just when Xianglin is in a dilemma of reporting Fengjiao to the queen, he realized he fell in love with Tianning. (Falling for a human is considered a crime and a form of betrayal to their Queen.)

My Friends From Afar Episode 20
Fengjiao and Leopard King

Even though Fengjiao and Leopard King’s love started earlier, they only got their blessing from the Queen in 2037 (20 years after Fengjiao left Earth to help with the migration of the aliens to another planet). Xianglin chooses to erase all his memory, forgo his supernatural powers just to be with Tianning and their daughter (Chen Yibei, just sounds like ebay) on Earth.

The ending

After realizing that durians are a dangerous object to them and not meant for their species to move to Earth. So their first mission was sort-of completed.

The second mission, to find and catch 12345 back to AMIKUS Planet. Even though it is hard to even recognize 12345 since he used the kapi device to locked his memory and hence being “humanified”.

They eventually found out that 12345 is actually Leopard King’s father. And Leopard king is a half-human-half-AMIKUS.

End of the day, 12345, Leopard King, Yibei, Xianglin decided to forgo their citizenship ‘turned’ human. While Fengjiao decided to go back to the Queen along with the princess and they used the mentor shower to erase all memory of any humans connected to AMIKUS Planet aliens.

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