Review: My Friends from Afar

My Friends From Afar Episode 20

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Native title: 知星人
Original network: Channel 8

The drama is about a group of aliens from AMIKUS Planet sent to Earth on 2 different missions. 93870 is their leader and recognized as Chen Fengjiao (Carrie Wong) on Earth. Leading 51487 Chen Xianglin (Aloysius Pang), 85252 Chen Xiaolong (Brandon Wong), and their little princess. To find out if Earth is a suitable place for their people to migrate permanently and to search for the missing ‘12345’ who betrayed their Queen and escape to live on Earth.

Living on earth

Aliens from AMIKUS Planet do not have emotions or rather, they are not aware of the feelings and emotions between living things. Disguise as a family, Xiaolong is the head of the family as the father of three children, Fengjiao the eldest, Xianglin the son, and their precious youngest princess. Not knowing much of the happenings on earth, they just go with the flow since they are rich as well.

Day 1 on Earth. My Friends from Afar.
Day 1 on Earth. My Friends from Afar.

Rented a 4-room HDB home and started living on Earth. They start to befriend their neighbors in hopes to gather more intel before reporting to their Queen. Yang Tian Sheng aka Leopard King (Shawn Chen) is living with his elder sister Yang Tian Ning (Paige Chua) and their father who introduce them to rent the house.

The difference

Coming from a background that every citizen is given equal rights, housing, and everything depending on their age. Their career will be decided and sorted accordingly by the leaders/system once they are considered an adult. Different from humans, their males are the one produce heirs and females are the leaders and wears the pants at home and outside.

Fengjiao felt that she is incapable to lead them after she realized she fell in love with a human, Tian Sheng and her relationship started as a nemesis and slowly bubbles into romance. The leader role was passed to Xianglin and when he was caught in a dilemma of reporting Fengjiao’s relationship to the queen, he realized he also fell for a human, Tian Sheng’s sister, Tian Ning.

Forbidden love

Forming a romantic relationship with humans is consider as betraying their Queen. Before the Queen notice and reach Earth, Tian Ning and Xianglin welcome their baby, ebay. The pregnancy journey is tough for both of them, trying to hide Xianglin’s belly and the unpredictable cycle of bearing the fruit of a hybrid.

The Queen (Shelia Sim) arrived on Earth and demand them to cut off their relationship with the humans. She even went an extra step to erase their memories of their love ones.

Memory erased. Facing their lovers. My Friends from Afar.
Memory erased. Facing their lovers. My Friends from Afar.

After they realized that the King of Fruits, Durians are a weapon to their species, they understand Earth is not meant for them to move over. They embark on the mission to find the lost 12345 which turns out to be right beside them all along. Tian Sheng’s father is 12345 and he locked his memory in the tiny device. Tian Sheng’s love for durian kept his special ability as half-AMIKUS locked.

What will happen to them all?

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