Review: My Heroic Husband

My Heroic Husband - drama poster

No. of episodes: 36
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, War

Native title: 赘婿
Original network: iQiyi, Tencent Video

A modern-day scriptwriter travels back in time, woke up in the body of Ning Yi (Guo Qi Lin) who is a man to be married as a matrilocal husband to a Nobel cloth merchant, Su Tan Er (Song Yi). By using modern-day business methods and ideas, he grew the business. 

Overcoming stereotypes

Ning Yi wanted to write a new story for the hero character but woke up in the body of Ning Yi and started to live his life. Ning Yi is a son-in-law that marries the Nobel cloth merchant’s second daughter Su Tan Er and if they have children, they will be taking the wife’s surname Su.

The mind of a modern-day male but stuck in a setup where his wife is the dominating character due to his identity as Ning Yi. Su Tan Er and Ning Yi were not romantically involved and their marriage is like a transaction to keep Su Tan Er in the list of successor and she will write off Ning Yi’s debt in return.

Ning Yi and Su Tan Er's wedding day. My Heroic Husband
Ning Yi and Su Tan Er’s wedding day. My Heroic Husband

Ning Yi proves himself as a useful and wise man that can help his wife by implementing business strategies and help her whenever there is a crisis happened or a scheme that they got stirred into.

Honeymoon went wrong

Ning Yi successfully assist Su Tan Er and she inherited the key and power to the family’s cloth business. Su’s family became the wealthiest in their city with the help of Ning Yi and the road to build the business gave a strong foundation to the couple’s relationship.

The honeymoon was not a thing in the past but to celebrate their marriage and reward themselves, Ning Yi suggests bringing Su Tan Er out to travel as part of their honeymoon plan.

Timing is off and when they reached another city and settle in, the war begins that separates Ning Yi and Su Tan Er. Su Tan Er was sent back home with the last boat that is available along with her helper and a guard.

The new advisor

Liu Xi Gua spot Ning Yi's talent. My Heroic Husband
Liu Xi Gua spot Ning Yi’s talent. My Heroic Husband

Ning Yi survived but was kidnapped to the army that overtook the city. Liu Xi Gua aka Liu Da Biao (Olivia Jiang) was the boss of the new army that attacked the city with her alliance.

She saw the potential in strategy by Ning Yi and caught him back to be her advisor for her army. Of course he struggle to escape but always got caught back and escape punishment with his wit.

Understanding the core value that Xi Gua wanted for the city, Ning Yi decide to help her rebuild the city back to the glory days but was constantly interfere with the other bosses in the alliance.

Reunited in a damaged city

Ning Yi lost his wife, now trying to find Su Tan Er. My Heroic Husband
Ning Yi lost his wife, now trying to find Su Tan Er. My Heroic Husband

Ning Yi chance upon the family guard in the city and he broke down saying he lost Su Tan Er. Ever since, Ning Yi’s focus is to find his wife.

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