Review: My Holo Love

Netflix My Holo Love Key Art

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance

Native title: 너와 나 혼자 야
Original network: Netflix

Han So Yeon (Go Sung Hee) is a marketer in a glasses company for 5 years yet she always work alone and did not mingle with her colleagues as she suffers from prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize faces).

Go Nan Do (Yoon Hyun Min) founded the IT research company, GIO, and one of the utmost secretive product is ‘Holo’. His stepsister, Go Yoo Jin (Choi Yeo Jin) held a conference to potential investors and after the event, man-made accident occurs to steal ‘holo’ which is a spectacles.

DISCLAIMER: The following content contains spoilers, check out my first impression if you don’t want to be ‘spoiled’.


Beta testing

Holo is the AI that was invented by Nan Do. During an accident, Yoo Jin slip the glasses into her bag and she unknowingly bring him home. Holo asked So Yeon if they can consider their encounter as beta testing and she agreed.

Romance between AI and Human

Review My Holo Love

Nearly impossible since AI are developed and made of 0101 which are unable to have emotional thoughts or feelings. Since Holo is the only person that really helped So Yeon, she starts to like him without knowing the differences between Nan Do and Holo.

Review My Holo Love

Nan Do saved So Yeon during an accident and So Yeon able to see his face but she assume it is holo and breakthrough was made due to love. Nan Do after that confess his love and it turns into a love triangle.


Scheming businessmen

The corrupted world. The powerful man always has more greed to control the world and so the idea to own such technology drives them up. Baek Chan Sung (Hwang Chan Sung) is the Vice President of Magic Mirror, the tech that helps support the holo specs. His father turns out to be the biggest creep that bribe, kill and climb even higher.

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(Honestly, I fast forward most of the parts.)

Even in this world of corporate corruption, Yoo Jin and Chan Sung found love and each other.

Hackers and more crisis

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After Magic Mirror invaded GIO, they attempt to chase Nan Do and Yoo Jin away and reboot Holo. They made Holo into a commercial product and release to the public.

Hidden code

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Holo recover his memories and found a secret code which was from the first version of him, Hello, made by Nan Do’s mother. With that uncover a bigger secret and horrible truth that made Chan Sung turn his back on his father.

Triangle Love GIF

I love how the story end up is a mature romance and both Nan Do and So Yeon’s stories links.

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔(3.5)

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