Review: My Love, Enlighten Me

My Love, Enlighten Me (2020) drama poster

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Comedy

Native title: 暖暖,请多指教
Original network: Tencent Video

The drama is about a female trainee and her trainee friends are on their final stage before official debut but the company had an arrangement to let one shine. Liu Nuan Nuan (Eleanor Lee) dreams got crush overnight and she lost her friend Lin Jia Yi (Li Xi Meng) as well.

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Han Che aka KING (Leon Leong) is a successful sound and light engineer who has excellent memory but cold personality. He is the one that made the spotlight on Jia Yi thinking it is a way to return her a favor but later discover he got the person wrong.

Reinventing paths

Nuan Nuan is totally lost after the company call quits on her and Han Xue (Xiong Yu Ting). While Han Xue born with silver spoon, she does not have to ponder over money, Nuan Nuan don’t even have a shelter over her head.

Han Xue asked Nuan Nuan to stay with her but end up staying in the old family house that Han Xue’s family owned. Han Che came back to China also head to the family home to stay without informing his sister.


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While Nuan Nuan is trying to find a job, she face the incorrigible Han Che who just wants to drive her out of the house. With Han Xue looking after her back, Nuan Nuan eventually settle into the family home. However, Han Che made a list of rules that Nuan Nuan needs to follow.

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New job, new challenge

After admitting that her years being a trainee was no use and not counted as job experience, Nuan Nuan walked into a clothing shop and accidentally help selling it. She has a keen eye for fashion and the store manager offered her the job.

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Finding her muse everywhere she goes, her keen eye and helps the business to grow but the jealous top salesperson sabotage and she lost the job. Thankfully the HQ’s 2nd chair saw her potential and poach her to the HQ directly where she start her role as management trainee.

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Entering as a management trainee, she knows that at the end of the day only one can convert to full timer out of the three. Overheard a conversation between HR and her boss and since she is interested in designing, she volunteer for a change.

Square relationship

Since trainee days, Fang Han Chen (Tim Pei) likes Nuan Nuan but did not confess. He eventually debut and became a celebrity which company restricts him from dating. On the other hand, Jia Yi knew Han Che is one that helped her to debut and has a crush on him since.

Saving her

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In the beginning, Han Che felt guilty that he repay the wrong person and starts to be the shining knight for Nuan Nuan. Ends up he realized that it is love that makes experience all sorts of emotions that he did not go through before.

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Life is fair

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Han Che’s excellent memory has a price to pay, it developed a brain tumor and consistent headaches that will be life threatening. He choose to face it himself and broke up with Nuan Nuan but this is not the end. After the surgery, Nuan Nuan decide to quit her designing passion just for love. Wait a second, this is not the ending!

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Overall I do love it and binge watch within 2 days.

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