Review: My Name

My Name 2019 Netflix Kdrama

No. of episodes: 8
Genre: Thriller, Action, Police, Mystery
Native Title: 마이 네임
Original network: Netflix

The drama unfolds when Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee) became a black cop, helping the biggest organized triad gang while trying to find the killer that murdered her father before her eyes. She joined the police forces under another name, Oh Hye Jin where she meets her senior Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun) and her superior which she suspects the most, Cha Gi Ho (Kim Sang Ho).

My Name Tldr
Overall, I would say Han So Hee's acting really shine and the depth given was amazing. The storyline of My Name is so unpredictable and insane, every second of the drama was intense and you would want to click on Next Episode so quickly that the Netflix's 5 second is just too long of a wait. 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Hunted down

Yoon Ji Woo was bullied in high school not only by her classmates, schoolmates, even her homeroom teacher asked her to transfer school. Everything started because her father was being listed by the national police as a wanted criminal and police officers have been following her in and out.

Resenting her father who became uncontactable, he visits her on the day of her birthday and even ordered a cake delivered. Before he can step into the house, gunshots were fired in the hallway and alarmed Ji Woo.

My Name Dad Murdered

To protect his daughter, Yoon Dong Hoon (Yoon Gyung Ho) prevents Ji Woo from opening the door for all his might and keeps asking her to stay in the house. Through the peephole, Ji Woo saw a man holding a gun, head-to-toe covered in black with a black hoodie and mask. After a while, a man with a similar outfit tries to peep in through the same peephole. It was Cha Gi Ho, a police officer.

No leads, mysterious murderer

Choi Moo Jin (Park Hee Soon) showed up at Dong Hoon’s funeral, he is the biggest boss of a huge company and is known to be the biggest dealer of drugs in South Korea. He revealed his identity and claimed Dong Hoon is his most treasured friend.

My Name Killer Gun

Ji Woo has been making frequent trips to the police station trying to get leads on the murderer, did not get an answer from them. Hence, she turns away from the white and chose to investigate herself. Moo Jin showed up before her and showed her the gun that was found and used to kill her dad. He even further confirmed that it was a police model gun.

That lead made her determine and one step closer to the murderer. Since the police are not helping her, she turns to Moo Jin for help.

The toughest survived

Ji Woo joined Dongcheon, the gang operating and supporting Moo Jin. No words are said but action speaks louder than words. Moo Jin, the head of the pack brought Ji Woo personally to the training dungeon, one that was filled with males only.

My Name Training In Dong Cheon

She was treated like a maid, an outcast but no one dares to touch her like an unspoken rule. Ji Woo trained hard, like a machine when everyone turns in. She wants to be closer to her goal of finding the killer. During the appraisal fight, she survived and pinned down all the fighters in the ring as the winner. The jealously almost got her raped by two other men in the gang.

Oh Hye Jin

My Name Oh Hye Jin

After that incident, even drugged, she managed to get herself out of the situation. Moo Jin gave her a new identity and told everyone else that Ji Woo was dead. Ji Woo then goes by Oh Hye Jin and even entered the police force. Another step closer to the truth.

A few years later, she finally got approval to be transferred to the drug investigation unit, one that leads by Cha Gi Ho, her prime suspect. Her new partner at work Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun) became closer to her after seeing her capability. For the first time, she developed another kind of emotion that is positive.

Testing loyalty

My Name Undercover Exposed Or Not

Moving to the department that has the closest connection to Dongcheon, Cha Gi Ho’s office has a board filled with the profiles of the members of Dongcheon which includes her dad. Choi Moo Jin, the head of Dongcheon is the prime target of her new department and almost every operation is steering in his direction.

Will she be able to find the real killer? What will she do if she knows who is the murderer?