Review: My One in a Million

One in a Million - Channel 8

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Original network: Channel 8
Native title: 我的万里挑一

Journey of a struggling family business, the traditional wedding planning company is run by Yan Shu Yu’s (Carrie Wong) family, and the loss in demand of traditional Chinese wedding cause the downward trend in their revenue.

The Red Thread

Traditionally, the Chinese believes in Yue Lao, the god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology and there’s a red thread between a destined lovers. Yan family is rumored to be descendent and one of the female in the family is able to see the red thread between destined lovers.

One accident and Shu Yu saw the red thread between real couples. Even though that is a joyous supernatural ability, the cost of that is that the matchmaker is unable to get married. Or it will cause a life and death situation to her other half.

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The pact

Shu Yu find ways to lift the curse and finally there is a way out, to make the cursed loner male fall in love. After countless efforts, they found him. Yang Ding Yi (Lawrence Wong) is a producer in a broadcasting company and everything looks fine.

Ding Yi will produce disgusting B.O. (body odor) when his heart races after seeing someone he likes and that caused his ‘forever alone’ status. To help him and help herself, Shu Yu and Ding Yi embark on the adventure to find the 101 ways to get rid of the body odor.

Countless happily ever after

Shu Yu’s best friend Mimi and her younger brother Shu Jing fell in love in the most unexpected way.


Out of all the roles that I’ve watched by Jeffery Xu, this is his most outstanding role amongst all. Even though the sidekick villains are not really acting on point, but I feel that he carried way better than his past performance.

Overall: I feel that the story is refreshing and interesting enough.