Review: My Supernatural Power

My Supernatural Power, MangoTV Cdrama.

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Suspense, Romance, Police, Medical, Supernatural

Native title: 我有特殊沟通技巧
Original network: Mango TV

The drama is about an individual with a photographic memory and super strong five senses, Yang Mian Mian (Luo Yu Tong) kept her abilities a secret since she was rescued from an experimental lab when she was 4. Nan Xing City Police Department became her family and all the officers are like her parents that are concern about her life, her studies, and her health.

Mian Mian became rebellious and hard to control until she met a strong opponent, Jing Chu (Kris Fan Shi Qi) is a young and capable detective who returns to Nan Xing city after a decade.

Hidden past

Ever since young, Mian Mian and her brother were caught in an experimental lab in A Country and finally break free when her brother escapes with her. Jing Chu was a rebellious teen when his parents passed away until he met his muse, his home tutor who helped him with his studies and life coach.

Mian Mian’s brother jumped off a building and was certified on the spot, right in front of Jing Chu. He firmly believe that a passionate young adult will end his life just like that, and so Jing Chu set off his journey to be a police officer in hopes to find out what happened that night.

Criminal cases

The first day reporting to work, the police department received a call saying Mian Mian escape class. Jing Chu was sent to find her and take her back to school. Usually, it will take days to find the missing girl, but it only took mere hours for Jing Chu to track her down. Jing Chu proves that he is a smart and observant person and Mian Mian finds herself slowly rely on him.

A series of the mysterious death and suicide cases of famous celebrities all link back to the same company. Nan Xing City Police Department took on the case and start to investigate what it seems like to be a suicide and accident death case.

Overall it is an average drama with a mix of investigation cases and the harsh truth of making humans as a test object for scientific breakthrough.