Review: My Unicorn Girl

My Unicorn Girl 穿盔甲的少女

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Sports (Ice Hockey), Romance, School

Native Title: 穿盔甲的少女
Original network: iQiyi

The drama is about a young lady who inspire to study in the college her late mother went. The only way is to enter into the figure skating team but she lost the opportunity and went home to see her home in a devastating state.

Sang Tian (Sebrina Chen Yao) accepted the invitation to join her dream college as a ice hockey player. But here’s the catch, it is only for males. She entered as a student and cross path with the talented ice hockey player Wen Bing (Darren Chen) who has his own secret.

Hiding identity, My Unicorn Girl.
Hiding identity, My Unicorn Girl.

Only option

Sang Tian was pulled into a battle ice hockey game by Wen Bin and her performance caught the attention from Coach Ma Chen Chen (Vivian Sung), hence the invitation.

She was selected to the ice hockey team and since she lost her home, Sang Tian decide to risk it and enroll into the college. Did not get the single room while choose their dorm placement through the traditional game, Wen Bin purposely chose to be roommate with Sang Tian.

My Unicorn Girl Dormitory Life
My Unicorn Girl. Dormitory life.

Face Blindness

Wen Bin suffers from face blindness and that is this only weakness as a talented ice hockey player. Everyone thought that he is just selfish and full of himself during the games.

Miracle happened, or just pure coincident, Wen Bin can only see Sang Tian’s face clearly. Sang Tian knew his secret after she saw his medical records. To help him regain his confidences and the game, she went to kiss him to temporary resolves the face blindness problem.

Ice Hockey Game My Unicorn Girl
Ice Hockey Game, My Unicorn Girl.

Coach discovery

Coach Ma is a tiger coach of the ice hockey team, she is strict and when she found out that Sang Tian is a female disguise into her team, Coach Ma wants her out. However she decide to close an eye after seeing her passion for ice hockey.

Last Moment In The Dorm Sang Tian Reveals The Real Her My Unicorn Girl
Last moment in the dorm. Sang Tian reveals the real her. My Unicorn Girl.

Sang Tian knew that her identity will be expose someday but did not expect to have just a close group of friends made within the brief moment in school.

What will happen to Sang Tian after she reveals her real identity?

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