Review: Ni Chang

Ni Chang - Cdrama poster

No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Romance, Historical, Business

Native title: 小女霓裳
Original network: Youku

The drama begins when Xie Family who is a noble silk merchant was caught up in a conspiracy against them and was sent to exile. Along the way, the family assassinated and Xie Xiao Ni (Li Jia Qi) is the sole survivor.

Bao Zi and Xie Xiao Ni. Ni Chang
Bao Zi and Xie Xiao Ni. Ni Chang

Before that happened, Xiao Ni saved an injured man and brought him back home to nurse him back to health. Ou-Yang Zi Yu (Bi Wen Jun) lost his memories for that short period and after the regain his memory and identity.

Before the conspiracy

Xie Family glory days. Ni Chang
Xie Family glory days. Ni Chang

Xiao Ni grew up in a noble family and she is well protected by her parents and older brother (that is actually her sister) Xie Feng (Xing En). She is hungry for knowledge and wants to equip with business skills.

Xie Family and Su Family are both big silk merchant that is competing to be the sole distributor for the royal palace. In order to win the deal, Su Family uses bribery and a nasty backstab to keep the family off the list.

Xie Family sent to exile. Ni Chang
Xie Family sent to exile. Ni Chang

Overnight, the family was sent to exile and Xiao Ni was the sole survivor. She was rescue into Jiangnan’s Yunjin Manor and Xiao Ni hide her identity and leave as Ni Chang since.

Jiangnan, Yunjin Manor

Wanting to learn more about embroidery, she convinced Yuan Niang (Li Yi Xiao) to be her mentor and learn alongside with other discipline including the model student Yan Wen Xiu (Sun Jia Lu), her only son Cheng Tian (He Ze Yuan), and Yuan Xiang (Zeng Qi).

No one even bothers about the new girl in school until she used her sincerity to win over the majority. Yan Wen Xiu keeps losing the competition to Ni Chang and was convinced that Yuan Niang is playing favoritism and start to sabotage her over and over again.


Ou-Yang Zi Yu is a prince but was not the favorite among the palace and was frequently sent out of the capital. He went to Jiangnan, Yunjin Manor as a friend of Yuan Niang and where he reunited with Ni Chang. However, he does not remember what happened 2 years ago.

Ou-yang Zi Yu reunited with Ni Chang. Ni Chang
Ou-yang Zi Yu reunited with Ni Chang. Ni Chang

Even not remember anything, he start to fall for this hardworking gifted lady Ni Chang. However one night and everything was ruined. On their graduation day and last project, Ni Chang once again beat Yan Wen Xiu and that night she locked her in the kitchen and accidentally set the place on fire.

Heading back to the capital

Lost everything overnight and including his mother, Cheng Tian, Yuan Xiang and Ni Chang decided to stick together through thick and thin and leave for the capital to find Yuan Xiang’s uncle.

Yan Wen Xiu’s cousin Su Wen Yu received the family’s order to pick her up and head back home. Narrow escape when everyone is trying to find out who caused the fire. Wen Xiu wants to start fresh and marry her cousin Wen Yu. However, he only has a space in his heart for Xie Xiao Ni/ Ni Chang.

Starting fresh again

Ni Chang and Yuan Xiang at their new shop. Ni Chang
Ni Chang and Yuan Xiang at their new shop. Ni Chang

Convinced Yuan Xiang’s uncle and aunty to keep them in, Ni Chang able to revive their business and from just struggling to put food on the table to earn profits. The small business off the main street is garnering attention and the Su Family business starts to see a decline in revenue.

Yan Wen Xiu reunited with Ni Chang and after finding out Wen Yu refused to marry her because of Ni Chang, she went all out to go against her.

Ni Chang
Ni Chang

On the other hand, even though Ou-Yang Ziyu is not always by her side physically, he is always there as Ni Chang’s support system. Will they have happily ever after?

Will Ni Chang survive the countless sabotage from Yan Wen Xiu? Will she able to find out who framed her family years ago and seek injustice?

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