Review: Search

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No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Military

Native Title: 써치
Original network: OCN

This military thriller drama is set in the most heavily armed area in the world, the demilitarized zone better known as DMZ. The unnatural death and disappearance of soldiers from the South lead a team into the zone. Yong Dong Jin (Jang Dong Yoon) is a military dog handler who is counting down to the day of his discharged was caught into the search team along with Son Ye Rim (Krystal Jung).

After sighting the unknown, human/wolf (monster) the commander order a special force team lead by Song Min Kyu (Yoon Park), Lee Joon Sung (Lee Hyun Wook) into DMZ to seize the unknown.

Section 21, in 1997

Back in May 1997. Search
Back in May 1997. Search

A group of soldiers from the South went into the boarder and saw a defected woman carrying her baby and crying for help. While they were heading back, they met the soldiers from the North who demand them to hand over the woman and baby.

Gun fire shots and bullets flying everywhere and lives claimed. The baby survived and a few soldiers from the South and made it back home.

Yerim is the baby from the North. Search.
Yerim is the baby from the North. Search.

Two decades later

Two soldiers from the South went missing while they were on their duties and one found dead. Dong Jin is a from the DMZ search team and a military dog handler that is almost counting down to D-day of discharge. Dong Jin was called into the team and went in with Leo to search for the missing soldiers.

Dong Jin and Ye Rim was surprised to see each other before the operation. Turns out, there are ex-couple and Ye Rim broke up with him before he enter the military. Even though they aren’t o the best terms but known the other party the best among the entire search team.

Search First Outpost

The search team managed to find the body of the soldier but Dong Jin lost Leo during the operation. The search operation was joined by Ye Rim and she went back to the lab and discover the weird reaction with the blood cells from the dead.

Wolf or monster

The dead missing soldier is kept in the morgue but he returned from the death with weird mutation. The powerful and strong mutation is unknown and have no idea of its witness or how to fight it.

Yerim call for help. Search.
Yerim call for help. Search.

To take down the other mutation being, a special search team was formed and led by a tough leader Song Min Gyu along with Lee Joon Sung, Dong Jin was pulled into the team with a retired military dog Meg. Ye Rim joined the team as a representative from another military intelligent unit.

Lost and found

The 1997 incident in Section 21 in DMZ is a remarkable history and the soldier back from the South are celebrated heroes. However, their story isn’t the truth and neither are they real heroes.

The Footage Of The 1997 Incident Search
The footage of the 1997 incident. Search.

The lost military camcorder that filmed the entire process was found and recovered footage proved the celebrated hero is the biggest scam. Lee Hyuk (Yoo Sung Joo) killed his fellow soldier to keep the real cause of the 1997 incident under wrap, the survived peers became under his control.

Will the special search team catch the unknown being and recover the truth to the public?

Finale Battle Against The Powerful Bad Guys Search
Finale, battle against the powerful bad guys. Search.

This drama felt like a super long movie instead of a drama. Overall it is a good drama with unexpected twist I love!

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