Review: OMG, Your Honour

OMG, your honour

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Legal, Crime

Native title: 是咁的,法官閣下

This is the first drama Grace Wong took the lead role. When this drama was first announced, I was happy for her since I watch her acting improvement since Mind Hunter.

After watching the drama, I was a little disappointed by how much participation Grace Wong have in the drama as the main female lead. She only made her first appearance in the sixth episodes and her role is really small.

The Cast

The main two characters in the drama will be John and James.

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John Fan Siu Yue (acted by Ben Wong) and James Jiu Lik Wang (acted by Eddie Kwan) are frenemy, college friends, lawyers, under the same mentor, neighbours etc. The bromance here is really cute.

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The 6 newbies-friends. All sixth of them are relatively new in the industry. Source 1

Out of the group of six, Helen (acted by Lousia Mak) and Charles (acted by Oscar Leung) role stands out the most.

The Story

This is an easy legal show (to me) which involves less serious criminal cases such as murder etc.  I did binge watch and complete the entire series within 3-4 days.

The case that left me the strongest impression is the final and only murder case in the entire drama. The bulk of the time you will see more of the struggles as a lawyer instead of the glam moments we know in the court.

The newbies (0 to 1-2 years) struggle of self-supporting for the barristers and also the amount of s*** you receive as a solicitor.

Understand that there is no work-life balance working in the industry, the struggle of living in Hong Kong etc.

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If you are curious to understand the lifelike of the lawyers when they are not in the court, I guess this is the right drama for you.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔 (3.5)

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