Review: Our Unwinding Ethos


No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Investigation, Crime

Original network: TVB
Native title:十二傳說

In Chinese translation, the title suggest that they will be going through 12 different legends.

DISCLAIMER: If you do not wish to be spoiled but still want to find out more. Check out my first impression here

The Legends

Here are the legends that was touched throughout the drama

Episode 1 to 3: Bride’s Pool 新娘潭靈異事件
Episode 3 to 5: University Scandal 大學校園不思議事件
Episode 5 to 7: Spirit of Ficus Microcarpa 榕樹精殺人事件
Episode 7 to 9: Chinese Guardian Lions Murder 石獅成精殺人事件
Episode 9 to 11: UFO Kidnap case in Wah Fu Estate華富邨UFO綁架事件
Episode 11 to 13: Mermaid Murder 盧亭魚人殺人事件
Episode 13 to 15: Murder case in the Broadcasting company 電視台殺人事件
Episode 15 to 17: The Seven Sisters 七姊妹金蘭殺人事件
Episode 17 to 19: Dade School’s Murder 抗日達德學校殺人事件
Episode 19 to 21: Pirate and Treasure 海盜寶藏殺人事件
Episode 21 to 25: Huli Jing and the disappeared baby 狐仙吸嬰事件

If you really went to count, there are only 11 legends covered. However, at the end of the drama, they did end off at the Lovers’ Rock (姻緣石) and briefly mentioned the story behind it.

The Cast

Pun Do La 潘朵拉 aka Professor Pun (acted by Rosina Lam) is a professor in Folklore where her main purpose is to investigate and uncover the legends from the past and future.

She strongly belief that every legend is used to cover some unwanted and unknown secret. To find out where his father went, Fok Zi Bok 傅子博 (acted by Edwin Siu) enrolled into college majoring in Folklore studies to attempt to understand his father better.

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The Witty Police, Yik Sir 易銘賢 (acted by Jonathan Cheung) is a police that believes in supernatural. His passion for the supernatural can sometimes be funny. Yet, he is a all rounder when it comes to investigating murder.

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Topaz 黃玉 (acted by Moon Lau) was assume as one of the main lead, however, her participation in the drama is quite limited.

The truth

In every legend, Pun Do La always see things differently and how she remembers every legend in different versions and explains it on the way. She always magnify what the person’s true identity and hidden agenda.

With the help from Zi Bok and Yik Sir, they solve case by case using the scientific explanation.

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

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