Review: Please Be My Family

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No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Family, Romance, Business
Native title: 请成为我的家人
Original network: Mango TV

The story starts to unfold when two single parents find their way to each other and aim to give their children a complete family. Qi Si Le (Jade Zheng Qiu Hong) has a 5-year-old daughter, Qi Zi Xuan (Huang Bo Si) with a brain tumor. Song Hao Yu (Xie Bin Bin) has a 5-year-old son, Song Xing Chen (Zhang Yan Bo) who always looks forward to the day his mother comes home.

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Two Single Families

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Song Xing Chen has always been wanting to meet his mother and his father promises it will happen soon, when he turns 5. Song Hao Yu is a young and rich CEO who manages an investment firm.

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Qi Si Le on the other hand is a single mother who struggles with money issues due to job security and spending to treat Qi Zi Xuan. Born with health issues, Zi Xuan is a brave young girl who tries her best to not add a burden to her mother.

The proposal

Si Le happens to be preparing a business proposal for Song Hao Yu to buy in and if he does, she will be paid handsomely from her company. However, no matter how good is the proposal, Hao Yu sees that her company is entering a crisis which infers to be a risk to invest.

Without knowing what was going on, Si Le faced multiple rejections from Hao Yu and assumed that her proposal was not done to their expectation.

Zi Xuan’s brain tumor got worse and was hospitalized, the doctor told her the best solution was to undergo surgery to remove it. However, the best surgeon in town is fully booked for the next 6 months. Si Le became desperate.

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Even though she was struggling with finances, Si Le sent Zi Xuan to the best kindergarten in town as they are the only school providing customized meals. Hao Yu’s grandfather was scheduled to undergo the same surgery, however, after knowing Zi Xuan’s situation, he gave his slot up.

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Throughout the journey, Hao Yu was there to accompany Si Le and assure her while she was shaking to make big decisions. After rejecting his proposal once, Si Le counter-proposes Hao Yu in the hospital.

Marriage live

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Barely know your spouse, Si Le and Zi Xuan moved into the mansion to live with grandfather, Hao Yu, and Xing Chen. Zi Xuan has her own princess room and is really loved by the additional family members, especially her brother.

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Marriage with no foundation of love can cause many insecurities and uncertainties. Si Le tried not to keep her expectations high but Hao Yu kept sending her signals. Lost her job due to it winding down, Si Le is now living life as a rich man’s wife but was not the kind of role she desired.

Hidden agenda

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From the beginning, it seems like Hao Yu got close to Si Le with a hidden agenda. Particularly concerned with anything that impacts Zi Xuan and wants to provide the best for her.

Exactly, what’s up his sleeves?

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