Review: Please Feel at East, Mr. Ling

Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Housemate, Romance, Comedy, Business

Native title: 一不小心捡到爱
Original network: Youku

The drama is about the romance between Gu An Xi (Rosy Zhao Lusi) and Ling Yue (Terry Liu Te). Gu An Xi chance upon the injured Ling Yue and brought him home to nurse back to health. What will happen when Ling Yue resumes back his identity?

How it started

Ling Yue is the 2nd son of Ling Tian (Wang Ce) who is said to be the most capable one out of the three brothers, Ling Fang (He Peng) and youngest Ling Sheng (Qi Pei Xin). The 5% shares will be given to a rumored secret daughter that Ling Tian has and the brothers are on the search for this secret daughter.

Ling Fang is constantly sabotaging Ling Yue out of jealously and feeling unbalance as Ling Yue is an adopted son. One night Ling Yue was chased and caught in a car accident which after that he disappeared.

Pleasefeelateasemrling Theaccident

Gu An Xin (Rosy Zhao Lusi) accidentally hit the injured Ling Yue while making her deliveries on the job. She hurries him to the hospital and he woke up with no memory. To save money, An Xin decides to bring him back home and nurse him back to health, or at least when he regains his memory.

Troublemaker housemate

Ling Yue moved into An Xin’s humble house and was given the nickname Xiao Ba since he doesn’t remember who he is. Since An Xin is struggling to even meet ends, she is really conscious of every penny she makes and spends.

Pleasefeelateasemrling Housemate

Xiao Ba became a troublemaker and An Xin was constantly called by neighborhood residents to pick him up and pay for the mess he created.

Secret identity

Gu An Xin was an adopted daughter of Gu Yuan Chao (Wang Shuo) along with Gu An Sheng (Zhou Jun Wei) and their only biological daughter Gu Xin Er (Daisy Li). She was kicked out of the house and disowned after an accident that caused An Xin’s classmate Yu Guo (Zhang Heng Yu) to be partially disabled.

Pleasefeelateasemrling Saving

Growing up, everyone in the circle is speculating that the real father of An Xin is Ling Tian and not Gu Yuan Chao. Even the DNA test was being manipulated by his wife, Yang Hong (Xu Rong Zhen).

Living under one roof, both of them slowly know the other better and fell in love.

Resume identity

Due to some business crisis, Ling Yue’s assistant Ai Li (Yana Zhang Yan) reached out to him and told him to resume back to his normal life. Ling Yue understand the importance and left An Xi.

An Xi found out that he did not regain memory but all along play dead, she found out about the 5% shares that Ling Tian gave her. After knowing that Ling Yue play dumb all along, she felt betrayed yet know that she fell for him already.

Pleasefeelateasemrling Findoutidentity

How it goes

Gu An Xi ran into trouble with her current landlord and went to bunk in with her brother Gu An Sheng for a brief period. Knowing that Ling Yue keep going up to disrupt their peace and even bought the house and continue rent to An Xi just to keep her away from An Sheng.

Gu Xin Er constantly sabotages the relationship between Ling Yue and An Xi, she believes that she should be with Ling Yue since high school times. Seeing her unrequited love, she is not alone as Ling Yue’s younger brother Ling Sheng (Qi Pei Xin) is supporting her and protecting her.

How will be 5% shares make a difference in the future? Why did An Xi got chase out of Gu Family and is she really biological daughter?

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