Review: Please Love Me

Please love me

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Contract Love, Comedy

Native title: 拜托,请你爱我
Original network: Mango TV

Chance upon this drama after seeing the promotion banners everywhere digitally. Glad to catch this drama up because it is really good. Really good balance between the three couples in the drama and perfect blend together.

How it started

Pei You You (Xu Xiao Nuo) is a manicurist in a chain of shop name, Inspire, she works hard to save up just to purchase the old house that she once lived in in hope of her mother’s return. She cross path with the popular celebrity Yi Han (Zhang Yu Jian) in a car accident when he refuse to attend a press conference for a new movie.

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You you thought that Yi han fainted in the car and afraid he will lose oxygen, she found the brick wanting to break the window.

Yi Han one-sided love with his manager, Kan Di (Lu Zi Zhen) ever since he follow her at the age of 18. Wanting to confess but she was not interested and married to another man. Now, the husband is tired of her always with Yi Han and initiate divorce.

To protect her from the media, he confess that he is in a relationship with You You who happens to be there to borrow money from Kan Di for the house. And that is how it begins.


Relationship contract

Instead of the usual drama, marriage contract, they have a contract for dating. To buy the house, You You agree to enter the contract and stay with Yi Han. Obviously some media are still suspicious of their relationship and went to attack You You.

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Her brother suddenly pops up at their doorstep to reunite with his sister that he never see before. Through his name, Lu Ming, and other evidence, You you quickly confirmed his identity. Lu Ming (Wu Chen Xu) returned Ran Zi Shu (Lu Yan Qi) passport and the princess-temper celebrity fell in love with him.

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Zi Shu went to court Lu Ming and finally bless You You. After that, the five of them hang out, together with the movie director, Lin Tian Nuo (Kido Gao) is also You You’s childhood neighbourhood friend.
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Zi Shu move next door to the couple and Lu Ming went to stay with her. Basically, they occupy the entire penthouse level which made them the king even in their lift lobby.

Stages before love

Knowing that Yi Han is in love with Kan Di, You You teach him how to court her.

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Slowly, he realised that his heart is with You You and the love for Kan Di is purely based on relying. You You don’t believe such a perfect man will fall for her and kept denying the smallest hint. Until he show her his heart right in front.

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Obstacles in life

The villains are strong to destroy them, however, their backstory of why they hate Yi Han is not strong enough to reciprocate the hate.

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Yi Han want You You to get use to the limelight that will follow them throughout life, so he brought her to the amusement park and they had a great date.

Other couples

Lu Ming and Zi Shu relationship started off with just Zi Shu really like him and Lu Ming want to be responsible and don’t understand the Chinese’s beliefs well. After knowing her weakness and how her friends treat her, he started to develop more feelings and want to protect her.

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Tian Nuo and Kan Di is pretty unexpected couple. With Tian Nuo finally found You You and still like her since young, Kan Di a strong independent woman who just got out of a marriage. They cross path because of the main leads. End up Tian Nuo starts to like and want to protect the lady.

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The last episode released on 30 Jan, so you can binge watch the full series on Youtube.

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔🥔