Review: Poisoned Love

Poisoned Love

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Mental Health, Showbiz

Native Title: 恋爱吧,食梦君!
Original network: iQiyi

The drama is about a voice over artist Fang Yan (Ma Meng Wei) suffers from sleepwalking due to a trauma from an accident when she was five. Every time Fang Yan got into a shock mode, she will fall into a deep sleep or sleepwalking state for at least 10 hours and the condition got worst over time.

Until she met Shi Meng (Ao Rui Peng) and fell asleep in his arms, woke up from the sleepwalking mode after a few minutes. However, she mistook him for his elder brother Shi Yi (Luo Zheng).


Fang Yan told her psychologist about the rare accident and he told her to try and fall in love and her mental condition might turn into a positive note. She locked down her target to Shi Yi and her friends Zuo Yao (Shi Qing Yan) and Xiang Wei Lin (Wu Cheng Ze) try to find 101 ways to help her.

Mysterious man, hope to cure the sleepwalking illness. Poisoned Love
Mysterious man, hope to cure the sleepwalking illness. Poisoned Love

Shi Yi is a famous A-list singer in the country and also Shi Meng’s older brother. Shi Meng is the CEO of a film production company and an upcoming movie project that ties them together. Shi Meng wants to signed Fang Yan under his company as a voice-over talent as bait to get Shi Yi as the movie’s male lead and her condition is to see Shi Yi.

24hours helper

Seeing Shi Meng's mother for the first time. Poisoned Love
Seeing Shi Meng’s mother for the first time. Poisoned Love

Shi’s mother wants her sons to get a companion and marry soon. When Shi Meng brought her back home to find Shi Yi, she locked down her target for Shi Meng. To matchmake them, she got Shi Meng’s secretary Hao Ying Jun (Osborn Chen) to offer Fang Yan a job as a helper.

Fang Yan assume that the son is Shi Yi and jump on the boat thinking that she will be able to recover from the sleepwalking. They started the 2 months of living under one roof and the friction between both caused both parties being annoyed by the other.

Shi Meng flaring up at Fang Yan because of her pet goose. Poisoned Love
Shi Meng flaring up at Fang Yan because of her pet goose. Poisoned Love

Fall in love

Slowly but surely, both of them fell for each other after getting used to living with each other. Fang Yan realized her feelings slower than Shi Meng but she was the one that move forward. Knowing that no one will accept their girlfriend being hug by another man and her condition, she decide to embark on her unrequited love.

Fang Yan prepared a day filled with dates for both of them and ended with a birthday celebration for Shi Meng to end her first love beautifully and quietly.

Brothers’ secret

Shi Yi and Shi Meng was close until one fine day when Shi Meng went missing. After the 8 year old is back home, their father disappeared and that can’t be found until the very day. One of them is lying and only both of them know what really happened.

Shi Yi's secret. Poisoned Love
Shi Yi’s secret. Poisoned Love

Shi Yi realized that he was not the secret weapon to help Fang Yan, but he kept quiet because he likes her.

The drama was unexpectedly good and also highlight the point of family and communication.

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