Review: Pop Up Boy

Playlist studio web series - Pop Up boy 만찢남녀

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Friendship

Native title: 만찢남녀
Original network: Playlist Studio

The web drama is a romantic fantasy series about a fictional character jumps out from the pages of the comic book into real life. Chun Nam Wook (Kim Min Kyu) may be a heartthrob in the romance comic, but in the real world, his words are overly cringe-y and really emotional.

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He appears right in front of Han Sun Nyeo (Weki Meki’s Kim Do Yeon) and that is how the story begins.


How to go back?

After the unbelievable scene pops up right before Sun Nyeo’s eyes, she feel irritated by the guy right before her. The heartthrob 90s romance comic book is written by Sun Nyeo’s mother and she wrote her daughter in as the main character.

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Sun Nyeo is the total opposite of the obedient and soft ‘kitty’ in the comic book. Chun Nam believes that if he kisses Sun Nyeo, he will be back in his world.

Triangle love

Noh Ye Joon (Choi Hyun Wook) and Park Min Jung (Han Ji Hyo) are Sun Nyeo’s high school friends and classmates. Min Jung is a fan girl of the comic book and Ye Joo is their modeling friend.

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Ye Joon likes Sun Nyeo but never break the bubble to stay beside her. When Chun Nam appears, he starts to feel rivalry. When he noticed that Sun Nyeo is changing, he felt like it is time to confess.

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Comic effect

Chun Nam’s effect kicks in when he eye contacted people and the ‘drama’ will start. Their classmate Yoon Yi Na (Im Bo Ra) is the victim that turned into the villain under Chun Nam’s effect.

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Who is he?

To prevent Chun Nam from vanishing, they found the key to send him back to the comic. After a period of time, he is back and this time with another mysterious person.


We definitely going to anticipate a second season from Playlist Studio after leaving us hanging with the appearance of the mysterious character from the comic book.

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