Review: Put your head on my shoulder

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No. of episodes: 27
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School

Native title: 致我们暖暖的小时光
Original network: Tencent Video, Netflix

Si Tu Mo 司徒末 aka Mo Mo (Fair Xing Fei) is a college student that is in love with her best friend Fu Pei 傅沛 (Daddi Tang) since high school. Fu Pei does not reciprocate the love but still kept her by his side even in college.

Fu Pei got his roommate Gu Wei Yi 顾未易 (Lin Yi) to accompany her for a few occasions and he always appears when she needs someone. Mo Mo took an internship role in an advertising company far from their dorm and sort an alternative to move nearer to work.


Mo Mo’s mother told her to move into her friend’s apartment which is near work and last minute inform her that her friend’s child will be moving in as well. No one know it will be a guy instead of girl.

End up, Wei Yi and Mo Mo became flatmates. Her mom came over to enforce the point that she have to stay there.

Review Put Your Head On My Shoulder

She is so real, the way she whines when her mother force her to wake up. I guess most people can associate with that.

Review Put Your Head On My Shoulder

The scientist slowly breaks the ice and fall for the girl that is right before his eyes.

Review Put Your Head On My Shoulder

The countless methods he use to confess his feelings for her is cute yet normal people like us will never understand that little hidden romance behind the formula. And finally, they are together.

Review Put Your Head On My Shoulder

After courtship

Since both are still in college, they do occasionally stays in their dormitories each room stays 4 students. End up the four girls in Mo Mo’s dorm date the four guys in Wei Yi’s dorm. The eight of them hang out in the cutest way.

Review Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Obviously there will have the first fight and other more quarrels after officially together. I like how the drama does highlight the issues each couple faces and the realness of the problem based on their social status.

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