Review: Romance is a bonus book


No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance

Original network: tvN /Netflix
Native title: 로맨스는 별책부록

Before scrolling down, all my reviews does contain SPOILERS and this time it is real. Don’t want to read all the cards? I did my first impression of the drama previously.

The Cast

Love love love! However, if you are not comfortable with the noona*- dongsaeng** relationship you might not buy into this visually.

Review Romance Is A Bonus Book

The main cast consists of Cha Eun Ho (acted by Lee Jong Suk), Kang Da Yi (acted be Lee Na Young), Ji Seo Joon (acted by Wi Ha Joon) and Song Hae Rin (acted by Jung Yoo Jin).

  • Mentor-mentee relationship: Eun Ho and Hae Rin
  • 23 April relationship: Seo Joon and Eun Ho
  • (to me) Down-to-earth, most compatible couple: Seo Joon and Hae Rin
Review Romance Is A Bonus Book
SPOILER ALERT! How can I miss out my favourite pair! Hae Rin and Seo Joon.

As for the supporting roles, I love that the scriptwriter gave quite a number of them a very rich background and character that stands out yet does not outshine the rest.

  • New recruits from Gyeoro: Park Hoon (acted by Kang Ki Doong) and Oh Ji Yool (acted by Park Kyu Young)
  • Founding members of Gyeoro: Kim Jae Min known as the President (acted by Kim Tae Woo), Ko Yoon Sun (acted by Kim Yoo Mi), Bong Ji Hong (acted by Jo Han Chul), Seo Yeong Ah (acted by Kim Sun Young) and of course includes Cha Eun Ho.
Review Romance Is A Bonus Book
New recruits from Gyeoro: Park Hoon and Oh Ji Yool slept throughout the meeting. Cutest Duo.

Here’s the entire (main group) from the publishing firm, Gyeoro.

Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

The mystery behind 23 April

A beautiful mystery.

I love how they started off with the mystery of the missing author and people are just trying to dig out more information from Cha Eun Ho (acted by Lee Jong Suk).

Harsh reality (the struggles)

There are quite a few ‘facts’ that are mentioned in the drama which are common outside the script and screens.

Some are highlighting more on the problems (or situations) that our friends from South Korea are facing.

Review Romance Is A Bonus Book
When you are cornered by the society stereotypes, the struggles you face that made you numb and in a way finding the one positive line that will keep you going.

Review Romance Is A Bonus Book Review Romance Is A Bonus Book

What happens after “Happily after” did not work out. How do you face it?


Love love love how the 4 main leads handles relationship (within themselves), so mature which I see that because of the way they handle and take in well that open up chances outside.

After a closure they maintain friends and are totally professional about their work. Not stressing or pressuring oneself, slowly achieve the closure from within which opens up the heart for new suitable one that comes along.

Publishing industry

Related image
Founders of Gyeoro posing.

Even though a book is a form of art that the author wants to convey, the reality shows that only certain genre catch the eye balls and able to make it on the shelves. End of the day, it is a running business.

The amount of effort that was put in to produce a book is not as easy as what we think of. Every now and then when I pick up my e-book or a book, I will take a closer look and pay more attention to the details.

Image result for romance is a bonus book office
Let’s take a minute to enjoy this cool office that Gyeoro have.

Is this one of the best drama I’ve watched so far? 

Review Romance Is A Bonus Book

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔 (it’s a 4.7-4.8)

*noona (누나) – Means older sister
**dongsaeng (동생) – Younger sibling (can be male or female)

Images are taken from various sources including tvN Drama Facebook.

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