Review: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 (2020)

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Medical, Romance

Native title: 낭만닥터 김사부2
Original network: SBS

This is a second season of the drama that was first aired in 2016. For those who did not watch the first season, I’m here with you. I don’t see there is a need to catch up the first season unless you want to know more about Doldam Hospital history and its staff. 

Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 2020

Story begins with a mysterious man heading to watch a live broadcast of a surgery and immediately spot the problem when the surgery did not go smoothly. Kim Sa Bu (Han Seok Kyu) is the mystery man, a genius doctor from a small humble hospital in the countryside called Doldam Hospital.

The problems

Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 2020

Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung) are medical college friends that lost contact after graduated and reunited in the major hospital in Seoul.

Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 2020

Eun Jae is a top student who scores in school and a very knowledgeable fellow, however, she will feel nauseous during surgery. She was sent to Doldam after being incapable to operate.

Woo Jin on the other hand did not leave a comfortable life, his parents did a family suicide and he was the alone survival. After that, he struggled with money problem and did multiple jobs. He was a known whistle blower and no other hospital wants him despite being a good surgeon.

Doldam Hospital

Doldam Hospital is a countryside hospital with bare minimal facilities and equipment. However, they do have a close kit staff that really love working there. Kim Sa Bu is the heart of the hospital and after his visit to the Seoul Hospital, he went to ‘recruit’ both Eun Jae and Woo Jin.

Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 2020

At first, Eun Jae’s only wish is to head back to the city hospital but slowly, she overcame her condition thanks to Kim Sa Bu. The hospital slowly grows on them and made them want to protect it.

The Love lines

Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 2020

Witnessing how calm Kim Sa Bu is in the city hospital’s EU, Yoon Ah Reum (So Joo Yeon) the fourth year medical doctor applied into Doldam Hospital. Maybe is love at first sight for both of them, the face of Doldam Nurse Park Eun Tak (Kim Min Jae) and Ah Reum is mutually attracted.

Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 2020
Just so cute to see them together.

Woo Jin and Eun Jae is the main couple in the drama (they are new cast for the 2nd season). Both of them are subconsciously beside each other at their lowest and the determination to settle the problems.

Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 2020

The cases

The medical cases are so real that I couldn’t watch it while eating my meals.

The case that hit me the most is when the paramedic passed away on duty and she have applied to be organ donor. 4 ambulance and 1 helicopter flew into the countryside and the process of the organs being removed one by one is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

Can you imagine the lives that could be saved and given a second life? Really love every bit of the drama (since there is only 15% of politics) and really highly recommend.

Review Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 2020

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.