Review: Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops Disney Kdrama 2022

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Police, School, Youth, Romance
Native title: 너와 나의 경찰수업
Original network: Disney+

The drama is set in the Korean National Police University where a group of young adults born in 2000 is making their way through their university life. Struggling to stand out among the 2,000 students on the campus, they are learning more than what it takes to be a police officer.

Go Eun Gang (Chae Soo Bin) is not the smartest in terms of academic but able to catch up and set her mind to enter the Police University from the influence of her tutor/ senior, Kang Joo Chan (Park Yeon Woo).

Wi Seung Hyun’s (Kang Daniel) always set his mind to be a police officer due to his father’s influence. Wi Ki Yong (Son Chang Min) is a high ranked and respected police in the country, but he is also a strict father who gives bare minimum compliments to his son.

Overall, it is an enjoyable drama with a good mix of emotions from comedy to romance and friendship loyalty. First acting role by Kang Daniel and I am impressed with his acting for a first-timer. 

The chemistry between the group of main cast is adorable and nice to see their respective characters grow together.

Rating 4/5

Orientation camp

Interview rounds, entrance exam and more are required even before entering a college, it is even tougher when it comes to Police University which is a prestigious school well known in the country.

Rookie Cops Training

Eun Gang checked her results online but found out that she was rejected by the Police University. Her heart sank to the bottom. However, she was given a second chance when Jang So Yeon (Shin Ye Eun) withdraw during the tough drilling orientation camp. Eng Gang entered the school in the midst of the training blooming with joy and not knowing what challenge is waiting in front of her.

Hidden camera

The camp is tough, so bad that the punishments are military levels disregarding gender. Since Eun Gang joined the campus for training her performance physically is not as great which leads to punishments. One day, a webcam/thumb drive slide out from her jacket during the punishment and landed right before Uhm Hyuk’s (Lee Joon Woo) eyes.

He checked the filmed content immediately and was escalated to the office for investigation. The video filmed is a hidden camera placed to observe the tough and intolerable punishment received and given in the Police University.

Eun Gang was placed under detention and facing possible expel since she has no prove of her innocents. The group of students brainstormed for ideas to help Eun Gang and decided to leak the video online. It blew up and went viral, this made the Headquarters investigate and announced to the public that they will reform the way they train their future police.

Graduating orientation

Rookie Cops Celebrating Eun Gang

Got away with it with an even bigger perks for them and their future juniors. Everyone welcome Eun Gang back to campus warmly and the real culprit Ki Hanna (Park Yoo Na) felt even more like an outcast. Hanna done this to help the police from her neighbourhood with no questions asked. When Professor Cha Yoo Gon (Kim Sang Ho) persuade her to reveal who asked her to do that, she remain silence.

Rookie Cops Gi Hanna

At the end of the training orientation camp, all of the students passed and able to start their freshman year officially with a week of break. Reassigned dorms and Eun Gang was paired up with Hanna again, but this time just both of them in a room without Woo Joo Young (Min Do Hee) and Shin Ah Ri (Cheon Young Min).

Mundane school life?

Took Hanna awhile to join the gang and open up. A school event broke the ice and from then on, the clique of 7 was expanded to 8. During their first year, the freshman was sent to different local offices to conduct their internship and get expose to real field job.

Rookie Cops The Clique At School Event

Through various cases, they are caught into a bigger one and found out that they can’t trust even the highest commissions and their professors. The group tries their best to do flip the table around.

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