Review: Sell Your Haunted House

Sell Your Haunted House

No. of episodes: 32
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Supernatural

Native title:
Original network: KBS

The drama is set in a rural house owned and run by Hong Ji Ah (Jang Nara), she founded Daebak Real Estate which her core business is not real estate but she is an exorcist. Hong Ji Ah exorcises to cleanse the building/apartment/house which is haunted and sell them after. Her aunt Joo Hwa Jung (Kang Mal Geum) does the counterpart of selling. Oh In Bum (CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa) is a con artist who pretends to be an exorcist by using technology and hologram.


Hong Ji Ah’s mother passed away more than 2 decades ago but her spirit couldn’t leave earth, she continues to co-live with her daughter on the second level of Daebak Real Estate. Ji Ah’s talent and ability were passed on from her mother and she learns skills since young. Oh In Bum and his close friend Heo Ji Cheol (Kang Hong Suk) uses technology and hacking skills to convince others that the place is haunted and to buy their expensive equipment to keep it out.

Both of them seems like they will never cross path was tied together through a museum case that In Bum is working on and Ji Ah was lured to by a real spirit. In Bum keeps on a necklace with blue crystal that his late uncle left him and told him never to remove it. Not knowing that he is a human spirit (someone who can suck in spirits/ghosts to their body), in fact, a really powerful and strong one.

Partnering up

Signing of contract with Daebaek Real Estate. Sell Your Haunted House
Signing of contract with Daebaek Real Estate. Sell Your Haunted House

Since her part-time partner was injured and requires rest time, she is in need of another human that possesses the capability. In Bum fits into it perfectly and his powers might be able to help Ji Ah’s mother to break free and leave peacefully. They entered into the partnership for 1 month, for In Bum it’s about the payout, and Ji Ah sees it as a hope.

Even through In Bum is a con artist and make people believe in ghost, he is one that does not believe in it. He started working with Ji Ah and working hours are usually past midnight. He realized the use of the special necklace that his late uncle left him and start to reflect on things that happened to him while he was growing up.

The accidental first mission. Sell Your Haunted House
The accidental first mission. Sell Your Haunted House

Intertwined fate

In Bum and Ji Ah partner up more and more for several cases and the special thing is that In Bum is the one receiving the memories of the spirit instead of Ji Ah who is the exorcist. Living in the subconsciousness of the spirit is the aftermath, some are good but some are bad. Both of them have the impression of the same night but a different ending.

In Bum remember Ji Ah’s mother is trying to kill his uncle. Whereas Ji Ah has the impression that In Bum’s uncle killed her mother. When Ji Ah’s memory got unlocked level by level, she realized that she is the real murderer that killed her mother due to the egg ghost.

Sellyourhauntedhouse Jiah Mother Died

Egg Ghost

One that is faceless and the only way to destroy it is to stab right into the heart of the human that was possessed by it. Ji Ah’s mother sacrifices herself for the young In Bum who was possessed by an egg ghost. To totally destroy it, she begged Ji Ah to help her. The helpless young Ji Ah was shocked by the scene and not intended, but killed her mother.

Egg ghost was in the history documents by several generations of exorcist, just when they assumed that they will not meet one. The egg ghost reappear and went straight into In Bum’s body.

How will they get rid of the egg ghost in the end? Will Ji Ah manage to send her mother off in the afterworld?