Review: Soundtrack #1

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No. of episodes: 4
Genre: Romance, Music, Friendship
Native title: 사운드트랙#1
Original network: Disney+

A beautiful romance drama between two childhood best friends, Han Sun Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and Seo Eun Soo (Han So Hee). Their 19 years of friendship took a romantic turn when Sun Woo have to crash at Eun Soo’s home for 2 weeks while helping her out with her project.

Han Sun Woo is an aspiring young photographer who hits a flat and uninspired phrase right before the exhibition he supposes to hold and has been preparing for a year.

Seo Eun Soo is a straightforward lyricist whose dream is to create a song that hits No.1 and top music charts. However, her latest song about unrequited love was not enough to touch the heart of the producer and was rejected. She fought for a second chance and got Sun Woo’s help to understand what is it like to be in a one-sided love relationship.

This drama is beautiful romance that is at no moment too cringy to watch. The story of them and individually has so much to say and translated to motion pictures. 

Seeing Park Hyung Sik pairing up with Han So Hee after watching Happiness and Nevertheless, I did not expect them turning out so well as onscreen couple. 

Overall: 5/5 (beautiful, beautiful, beautiful)

“Don’t want to break up”

Soundtrack No1 Highschool Days

Being friends since the age of 9, the same age friends grew up together and experience almost everything together. The companionship that no one can substitute for the other. Sun Woo realized his feelings toward Eun Soo are love and not purely just friends way earlier, he remains in the unrequited love for 8 years.

Soundtrack No1 Realize Feelings

He remembers Eun Soo mentioning that she doesn’t want this friendship to break up as they are too close and seeing not all relationships will last till the very end. Eun Soo chance upon Sun Woo’s work laptop and notice the feelings he has for her might be different.

Not willing to risk it, she chose to avoid him even though they are living together. Notice that, Sun Woo choose to take up a once-in-a-blue-moon offer and head to South Africa to collaborate with his favorite photographer.

2nd separation

Soundtrack No1 Separation No1

Eun Soo seems to be very cool about Sun Woo leaving her even back when he is entering the military. Just a few minutes when he left, she found herself breaking down hard but did not figure out what that feeling was.

Soundtrack No1 Separation No2

Will Eun Soo ever figure out her feelings towards Sun Woo?

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