Review: Speakers of Law

Speakers Of Law Tvb 2023 Legal Drama

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Legal, Romance
Native title: 法言人
Original network: TVB

Background: The drama is set in a small-medium law firm that Gam Bing Shun aka Gam Si Ye (Kenneth Ma) is running alongside his senior. After an episode, Gam Bing Shun asked his childhood besties to join the firm to regain their faith.

Tin Yau Ga (Rosina Lam), Ma Wai Hung (Jonathan Cheung), and Will Yu Kwok Dong (Stephen Wong) are college best friends with Gam Bing Shun. All of them are law students having fun together and studying hard together. One day, police stomp into their dorm room and nab Gam Bing Shun back.


Being framed for money laundering, Gam Bing Shun was framed after his father was conned and borrowed his bank account to the evil. The four friends decided to help him get out using and applying things they learn in school.

Decades later

Speakers Of Law Jonathan Cheung And Kenneth Ma

Gim Bing Shun did not complete his studies and became a paralegal and the rest became either a barrister or solicitors working in different firms. Only Wai Hung and now known as Gam Si Ye work together in a small firm runs by their senior in school.

The firm ran into a ride-or-die issue when one of the partners stole all the liquid cash from the firm to pay his personal debt. To turn the story around, Gam Si Ye managed to find an investor that willing to fill up the hole but in return, Will have to work in the firm as a full-timer for 2-3 years.

Joining forces

Will’s mother is a wealthy businesswoman in Hong Kong, to tie down his son back in their homeland, he offers to help Gam Si Ye but in return, he needs him to be committed which is out of his will.

Speakers Of Law The Four Friends

Strong friendship, no matter how unwilling Will is, he still ends up helping him by staying. 3 out of 4 friends are now working together in the same firm. And the last piece, Tin Yau Ga quit her attractive law firm to join them after a misalignment of working style with her boss.

Making it profitable again

Speakers Of Law New Team

Hogan Ho (Karl Ting) is the only law student that is willing to join the firm even knowing that they are in some financial trouble. Gam Si Ye is well known in the industry and also Hogan’s role model and he wants to learn more from him.

Speakers Of Law Apprentice

Alice Ding Kei (Regina Ho) joins the firm as a secretary, she is kind-hearted, detail-oriented, and well-loved by people in the firm. She will develop a romantic relationship with Hogan but her medical condition got worst at her happiest time. Tony Yip (Alex Yung) joined the firm as an intern paralegal that will be single-handedly groomed by Gam Si Ye as life gives him a second chance.

Together, the small legal firm starts to gain its momentum and clients back, one by one.

When things start to get better, Gam Si Ye was framed and charged with murder. The four friends gather together again to ensure he will not be framed for another charge he is not supposed to suffer.

Speakers Of Law Kenneth Ma

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