Review: Suits (2018)

Genre: Legal
No. of episodes: 16
Original network: KBS2

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Remake of the American television series, Suits, which has eight (8) seasons and right now. The condensed Korean version will showcase more character development in an episode as compared to the original version.

Backstory, I did watch the original suits to only Season 3 and therefore, my sentiments will be based on what I remembered.

First impression

From episode 1 to 4. There are more sweet meteor moments shared between Choi Kang Seok (originally Harvey Specter, acted by Jang Dong-gun) and Go Yeon Woo (originally Michael Ross, acted by Park Hyung-sik) compared to the original version.

Even though it is harder for me to catch all the legal terminologies used in the drama, taking in context the flash subtitles and a slight difference in the legal context for different countries. It was remade brilliantly, and it is worth to watch.

Lacking… ?!

I wish that Donna’s character can be stronger in the Korean version.
Also feel that the ending can be more than that.

Shall not spoil even further.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔

Where can you find it? Check out ViuTV

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