Review: Sweet Teeth

No. of episodes: 22
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Medical, Web Drama

Native title: 世界微尘里
Original network: iQiyi

The drama started when Zeng Li (Betty Wu Xuan Yi) was forced to get braces and improve her exterior looks. She fell in love with her dentist Ai Jing Chu (Bi Wen Jun). Zeng Li’s three best friends including her stepbrother Deng Hao Ran (Terry Liu Te), Ma Yi Yi (Wan Zi Lin) and Wu Ying (Baby Zhang Bo Jia) and their romantic relationships.

Getting braces

Zeng Li is a 26 years old novelist who works as a librarian as a full time job, her love for books is unbeatable but she has a sideline, Carol, a cafe she opened. All her life she is single and yet to blossom in a romantic relationship, her mother is anxious and felt that she might not be physically attractive.

Ai Jing Chu is a popular and skillful dentist in the hospital, with a long queue and hard to get appointment slot. Lucky Zeng Li got it even though she did not want. Just like that Ai Jing Chu and Zeng Li meet every 28 days and apart from that, Ai Jing Chu is also known as Professor Ai working in the university that Zeng Li works at.

Love at first sight

Wu Ying is one of Zeng Li’s closest best friend, she is the strong and indepent individual in the gang. Living day by day as an Emergency Unit doctor, mobile gaming is her only outlet to destress. She bump into a 21-year-old freshman from Malaysia, Liu Yu Cheng (Zhai Xiao Wen) on her way to run errand around the university.

It was love at first sight for the young man, new in the city. Since then Yu Cheng went all out to woo Wu Ying and try his very best to convince her and the world that age does not matters.

Beat around the bush

Zeng Li’s mother remarries twice and Deng Hao Ran is her step brother from the second marriage. Still close to him and her first step-father, Hao Ran became close friends with her gang and also became their knight when any one is in trouble. Hao Ran and Ma Yi Yi was in a relationship a few years back but none of them knows.

Hao Ran is a playboy that change girlfriend almost every month. Might appear to be a bad boy that toys people’s heart, but he actually prioritize friends above others. Ma Yi Yi is a model/influencers, she is hard to chase but once she is in it is hard to get out. One that fall so hard every single time but never give up on finding the one.

Overall I love the web drama not only because of the main characters, but also the other two couples’ stories are so real and display so well.

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