Review: The Beauty Inside (2018)

The Beauty Inside, Kdrama 2018

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Native title: 뷰티 인사이드
Original network: JTBC (available on Netflix)

If you’ve caught the movie ‘The Beauty Inside’ in 2015, this is the drama version but a tone down version. This drama is about a top actress, Han Se Kye (Seo Hyun Jin) and a brilliant CEO of a airline company, Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki).

Han Se Kye is a known actress that gets involved with many scandals and has a bad reputation of fleeing job while it is happening. Little do they know, she has an extraordinary condition where she will change into another person every month for a week. From young to a senior and across multiple race which only a handful of people knows.

On the other hand, Seo Do Jae has face blindness (known as Prosopagnosia) after saving another person and getting hit by a car. Do Jae tries to keep everyone else away from his condition by remember one’s hairstyle, voice, way they walk etc to recognize another person.

Discover and verifying

Review The Beauty Inside 2018

Do Jae realized things is weird and something is going on, he signed an agreement with Se Kye and want to see her change right before his eyes. Se Kye was blackmailed by him and instead of going head-to-head, she decide to sign and find his weakness.

Review The Beauty Inside 2018

Se Kye also know his secret, he can’t recognize people’s faces. After she changed the first time, he hangout at his place for a week. She became a young high school student (acted by Kim Min Seok) and that was the first time she felt sad to turn back to herself.

Review The Beauty Inside 2018
Review The Beauty Inside 2018

Strongest couple

Do Jae jumped the gun and announced that they are a couple when they chance upon a huge group of reporters after a movie. During the public dating period, they are still knowing each other and only when they decide to announced the break up, they really got together.


After Do Jae’s mother chance upon him sharing a bed with the high school male student, she went all out supporting Se Kye and Do Jae’s relationship thinking that it is best to ‘convert’ his gay son.

Review The Beauty Inside 2018

Se Kye’s mother caught them in action and was overwhelmed and ‘knew they had fake the break up in front of the media’. Although the moments with her was really brief, both of them had her blessing.

Review The Beauty Inside 2018

The caused

Se Kye realized that she was the one that Do Jae saved from accident in Europe 10 years ago and she choose to break up and flee. Do Jae on the other hand told her to wait for him to comeback.

Do Jae undergo the surgery with low success rate and able to fixed his illnesses and went back to Se Kye. During his absence, Se Kye hide and stayed indoors away from the limelight and everyone.

Review The Beauty Inside 2018

What happen if you are the one that will change into another identity or will you be able to love someone unconditionally?