Review: The Best Ending

Playlist Studio web series - The Best Ending

No. of episodes: 8
Genre: Romance, Web Series

Native title: 최고의 엔딩
Original network: Playlist Studio

This web drama is about the second couple from ‘Flower Ever After’, we look into a young couple of seven years and their struggles. After they broke up in the first season, both of them still can’t get over each other and cross path again.

Brief story

Couple for 7 years and living together for 3 years, Go Min Chae (acted by Choi Hee Jin) and Choi Woong (acted by Jung Gun Joo) eventually all it even when Min Chae score an internship in United States to leave Korea for a year. Even though they did not communicate for a year, Min Chae still believe they did not break up. Gladly enough, Woong is waiting for her as well.

After a year, both of them decide to stay together until it is time to get married.

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Woong and Min Chae is a young couple that inspire to get married and live happily ever after together. However, things is not going to be sailing smoothly and they have to sort practical things out.

Financially, they are still starting out as working adults and it cost a bomb to get married. Approvals from families is really important especially for Asians, to get blessing from your love ones.

Heartfelt statements

Go Min Chae GIF

Like what the above subtitle say “Different people, different date, different love.” That really summaries this adorable couple and how they pull through all the s**t people set because of love.

Min Chae GIF

We decide to get married because we love each other. And we decide not to get married for other than love.” Things get complicated while planning for a wedding which involves more than two people. Some might decide to end things eventually.

I guess only true love and also takes both hands to clap and hold all the way to the wedding chapel. After “I do” is the beginning of their new life together.

The final statement “The best ending to a relationship is not marriage. Together or separate, it’s about rooting for each other’s future.

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