Review: The Day of Becoming You

The Day Of Becoming You

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Showbiz, Fantasy

Native title: 变成你的那一天
Original network: iQiyi

Accidentally switch their souls, a popular idol Jiang Yi (Steven Zhang Xincheng), and an entertainment reporter Yu Sheng Sheng (Liang Jie) swapped lives for a few days by force. Finally switched back but they are still caught in a complicated relationship that no one will understand. 

By far the best Chinese drama in 2021 and really love how the drama is not scripted to be purely a romantic comedy with out-of-blue fantasy.

Fake fan

Sheng Sheng together with her best friend Tong Hua (Vian Wang Wei) is working as a team in the entertainment media company, trying to get more scoops and juicy news. She disguises herself as the longest supporting fan during Jiang Yi’s fan meeting and got the chance to share the same stage as him. Sheng Sheng requests a dinner date with him alone in order to get some news from him.

Dayofbecomingyou Shengsheng Fakefan

To save the reputation of the cold Jiang Yi, his manager encouraged him to show up to the dinner. Jiang Yi overheard Sheng Sheng talking to Tong Hua and knew that she is a fake fan, so the first dinner did not fall through. Having to wait alone in the restaurant, Sheng Sheng was furious when he did not show up at all.

The accident

Sheng Sheng went to reason things out but they are caught in the lift together, stuck in the lift and suddenly it went all the way down. Both of them woke up in the hospital to find themselves surrounded by people that they have no idea who are they.

Dayofbecomingyou Shengsheng Jiangyi Firstswitch
Lift accident that caused the soul swapped. Day of Becoming You

Begin to realize that the impossible happened, their souls are swapped and now they have to find each other and find back their body. Jiang Yi being a popular idol, news spread like wildfire, and his manager arranged for him to leave the hospital.

Day of becoming you

Finally got together in the same space, both of them are trying to find out what causes the switch and how to switch it back. Trying all sorts of methods and even revisited the building and react to the scene. Nothing works and they have to live each others’ daily life.

Dayofbecomingyou Living Your Life
Living your life. Day of Becoming You

Sheng Sheng go ahead with the schedule set for Jiang Yi, the cold and reserved Jiang Yi instantly became a cheerful and bubbly person that amazed the crew on set. On the other hand, Jiang Yi reports working as a reporter without putting in the effort to dress up like how Sheng Sheng will do.

Blessed with a support system and family, Sheng Sheng’s father is a good cook that loves to infuse herbal medicine into cuisines which hits Jiang Yi’s soft spot. While he inhales all the food place on the table, Sheng Sheng has to stick to salads to maintain the idol’s weight.

Finally back to normal

Dayofbecomingyou Finally Back
Finally back to normal. Day of Becoming You

Another accident causes them to switch back to their body, Sheng Sheng celebrated with joy and both of them think that all is back to normal. However, all the events that they live on behalf of each other have a ripple effect and both of them are tangled together.

Sheng Sheng agrees to babysit Jiang Yi’s half-sister without knowing that they are not close at all. Jiang Yi indirectly hints Sheng Sheng’s close friend Shen Po Qing (Eden Zhao Zhiwei) that there is a chance to become a couple.

By helping each other, both of them got closer and find out more about each other. No one will believe what they went through and they have literally nothing to hide from each other.

Chances of falling in love

Another accident, both of them switched souls again. And the chance of switching is getting common, sometimes it takes days to switch it back, at times is within a day.

Ditching the concerns aside, both of them found out that they fell for each other and started dating in secret. Enjoying the sweet honeymoon dating period but have to constantly be aware of the surroundings since one is an idol and another is an entertainment reporter.

Dayofbecomingyou Finally Dating
Jiang Yi and Sheng Sheng finally together. Day of Becoming You

The beginning of their romantic relationship does not guarantee a happily ever after since they are still unsure of what causes the switch. Paparazzi is keeping very close eyes on Jiang Yi. Even though they are so certain about their hearts, they cannot control the universe and at times unable to predict when is the next switch.

Will they part ways for their own good? Able to find out how to solve the switch before the public finds out about their relationship?

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