Review: The Defected 鐵探

The Defected Hk Drama Poster

No. Of episodes: 30
Genre: Crime, Police, Mystery

Original network: TVB (also available on Netflix)

There are many twists and turns and I feel that the entire drama progress well, the speed and the story line flows hand in hand.

The UCs

One of the toughest job in the world will be Undercover (UC), we have no idea how many are out there but there are out there somewhere no matter which country you are living in.

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Even though this drama does not focus as much on the risk of being a UC as compared to the other TVB dramas, they certainly place Bingo (acted by Phillip Keung) as one of the main lead and how he end up was treated and betrayed by his handler, Madam Man.

Power over righteous

I really though that Madam Man (acted by Kara Hui) is the “Black Cop” in the police force with huge powers. But turn out, she just wants the power to be able to lead the entire police force in Hong Kong.

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When you are young, there are bound to be a few classmates of yours that filled up “Police” as their ambition. Idea of catching all the bad guys and giving justice to the society is amazing.

This drama taught me about the higher you climb in the career ladder, the more power you want to get and that will lead you astray.

Seeing such behavior makes me wonder if this is how they trigger the greed in a human.

Romance means the end

Every time when the couple finally confess their feelings, we will expect one of them to die in the coming operation. And turns out, I’m right.

Understand the nature of the drama is not about romance, but still wish that at least one couple will end up happily ever after.

Physical disability doesn’t means the end

In my first impression post, I did write about our main male lead and how the drama started off by showing us he got a shot in his head.

Basically, surviving a gunshot through your head is a miracle. However, no one will understand the agony of the survival. The unlimited possibility of side effects that he will be facing forever.

Seung Sing (acted by Benjamin Yuen) definitely will not have a happily ever after. Despite his body condition, he insists to work in the front line.

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Another sir, Samuel (acted by Ben Wong), that was introduced during the mid-10s episode of the drama was wheelchair bound after an operation that caused him losing his ability to walk.

Both of them are targeted by Madam Man due to their strong leading capability.

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There isn’t much of the twist and turns in the drama, just the bad got worst and the good people will die. If you like police, crime type of drama you will like this.

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