Review: The Dripping Sauce

The Dripping Sauce

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Business, Drama, Romance

Native title: 大醬園
Original network: TVB

Everything started from the Man Koon Brewery is a century-old soy sauce maker in Foshan. Things start to change when all the brothers and their sons have different ideal of future and slowly cause chaos in the household.

Man Kai Shan (Hugo Ng) and his wife Tsik Tak Yung is the leader of the family who has a son Man Cheuk Fung (Matthew Ho) who is smart but playful. Things changed even more after Ha Siu Moon (Rebecca Zhu) and Ip Sai Yiu (Katy Kung) join the brewery as first female apprentice.

Female Apprentice


Siu Moon is determined to learn and master the soy sauce making and eventually set up a business elsewhere with Sai Yiu. However, Sai Yiu just want to lead a comfortable life and have a crush on Cheuk Fung, the young master in Man Family.

Legitimate daughter reunion

Reunited GIF

Through a jade pendant, Man Kai Shan and Tsik Tak Yung found their daughter who was suspect to dead at birth. Sai Yiu became the twin sister to Cheuk Fung and enjoy her life in Man Family. However, time tells us that she stole the identity of Siu Moon who is the real daughter.

Rape GIF

After a failed matchmaking, Man family’s nemesis son raped Sai Yiu and she castrated him once she gain conscious. She went crazy and extreme after that, or, her true self is out.

Finally together

Proposal GIF

Tak Yung knew the real identity of Siu Moon and gave blessing to her son to marry her in, so they will really reunite with their blood daughter. He create a romantic proposal to ask for Siu Moon’s hand.

Wedding Night GIF

Cheuk Fung however, did not know he is bought son to Man family. He went to find his parents to find out the truth but was knock out and sent away.

Go big or go home

General GIF

After Sai Yiu got raped, she refused to go back Man family and head for the biggest general house in town. She even managed to seduce him and became the second wife. She even managed to scheme and managed to kill two birds with a stone.

Scary GIF

The first wife is dead and she managed to take revenge and killed the rapist.

Memory lost

Man family went bankrupt and the heavy weight lands on Siu Moon while his father was kept in the jail. She discovered that she was pregnant and still hopeful to see her husband’s return.

Drama GIF

Cheuk Fung is finally back in Foshan, but there is another woman beside him. He lost his memories and have no feelings for Siu Moon. Through more events, Cheuk Fung slowly fall back in love with Siu Moon and he did not remember things that happened before left Foshan.

Drama GIF

Ratings: 🥔🥔🥔(3.5/5)

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