Review: The Exorcist Meter 2.0 降魔的2.0

The Exorcist Meter 2.0

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Comedy

Native Title: 降魔的2.0
Original network: TVB

The second sequel of The Exorcist Meter from 2017, to be able to start on the second season. The drama is about Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) journey as an exorcist after absorbing the supernatural power from Shik Gam Dong. A taxi driver by human eyes and chose the path as a exorcist due to the possession of the supernatural powers.

Friend or demon

Ho Zai (Hubert Wu) is the biological son to Leung Jing Jing (Susan Tse), Ma Gwai’s mother and also his childhood best friend. After his death, he was saved by a water demon but sold his soul to it.

Breaking the ice in a rough way, they eventually open up and work towards the same goal to ‘level up’ Ma Gwai exorcist skills.


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Ma Gwai was stuck into a painting of his dream of afterlife where he is able to see his parents again and lost friends. Took him quite a while to figure out that he was trapped and need to wake up.

New exorcist team in town

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The Brunei Royalty twins, Liz (Gloria Tang) and Ross (Alex Mak) set up a broadband business in Hong Kong and hire Ai Tit Man aka IT Man (Ram Chiang) to use technology to eliminate non-humans.

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The pair of siblings are curious after finding out that Ma Gwai keep a couple of spirits with him and always have one beside him. Bear Bear (Moon Lau) passed on in the first season but stood beside to help Ma Gwai in his journey along with Lei Lei (Kayee Tam). Subsequently he kept the art spirit Billy (Julian Benedikt Gaertner) as house maid.

Stone spirit

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Another crucial addition role to this season will be the 2nd stone spirit Fung Si Yeh (C Kwan) that has a fetish of collecting ladies undergarments. Stealing Dr. Chong’s (Mandy Wong) and was caught, he opened the third eye for her after she request. Dr. Chong and Ma Gwai always has that thin wall preventing them from being official. She want to understand his world better.

Letting go

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Dream – wedding

One of the beautiful moments I love and keep me going are the stories. Bear Bear unable to let go hence she is unable to move on. She went to ‘stay’ with Dr Chong and Feng Si Yeh while they help her to check off the boxes to move on.

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Thalassa (Zoie Tam) is the water demon that controls Ho Zai. She (or IT) want to take revenge on the reincarnation of an exorcist that lived centuries ago. The world that they are pulled in is filled with uncomfortable CG that make it look too cartoo-nish.

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The entire part when she reveal her real identity to the revenge is brief but I feel that it was not fully maxed by the love story happened centuries ago.

Whats your thoughts on the second season? Mine, more touching short stories but the CG make it pretty bad.

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