Review: The Impossible 3

The Impossible 3, drama poster.

No. of episodes: 6
Genre: Action, Comedy

Native title: 非凡三侠
Original network: TVB/ Youku

Filmed in Malaysia and Hong Kong, the drama is about three strangers, three ordinary people who caught in an emergency event. A novelist Su Rui aka Mr. Key (Julian Cheung), a stuntman Chen Can (Bosco Wong) and a tour guide Jiang Bao Er (Chrissie Chau) was roped into a series of mysterious cases waiting for them to solve after the first one is settled.

The drama was first aired in China through Youku and will broadcast in Hong Kong through TVB on 28 Dec 2020.

Out of the ordinary

Su Rui is a novelist who struggles to sell what he likes to write and ends up writing for the mainstream genre that he wrote to earn a living. He fantasies himself as a fictional character Mr. Key who is a top-notch hacker and mastermind behind a secret mission group.

Chen Can is a stuntman working for a broadcasting company, his daily work does involve risking his life. He is also a perfectionist when it comes to perfecting the drama scenes, however, he was regarded as a pest that directors and crew need because of his skills. Chen Can also have a fantasy character in him, Chen Long is a hero that people idolized and respect in the industry.

Out on mission

The first victim was caught and kidnap right before their eyes and they are verbally threatening to close one eye. The same night, they couldn’t sleep and go to the bar that was open around the area simultaneously.

The Impossible 3 decide to help.
The Impossible 3 decide to help.

Regretting their act and want to help the little girl out from the claws, the cafe/ bar boss isn’t a simple owner. Daniel (Moses Chan) knew the connections and knew the mastermind Jackson (Vincent Wong), he suggests them to seek help from San Gou (Michael Wong) in order to break free the little girl.

The impossible 3
The impossible 3

Back to normal days

After they saved the little girl out along with the other kids that are almost victims of human trafficking, the three of them went back to their normal daily lives. Three strangers decided on not to contact again but the adrenaline rush they got is dearly missed.

The gathering turns into another impromptu mission to protect Bao Er’s friend. Ever since they sent off her friend successfully, they did not contact until one day, Bao Er FaceTime Su Rui and Chen Can looking lost and wanting to find out who they are.

Bao Er suffers memory loss. The Impossible 3.
Bao Er suffers memory loss. The Impossible 3.

What happened to Bao Er?

This is a related short drama, almost like a web drama which is overall good and not as complicated. The Impossible 3 will premiere on TVB later this month but was aired via Youku in November.