Review: The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch main cast

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Comedy

Native title: 더 킹: 영원의 군주
Original network: Netflix, SBS

Despite the bad ratings in the beginning of the drama, I still believe this is a good drama but might be confusing due to the infinite possibility (which I love though).

The drama is about parallel universe and the romance between a King and inspector from different worlds. The big question mark and the mysterious police ID left in the other world start it all.

The parallel world

Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) is the King in Kingdom of Korea which main city and palace is located in Busan, South Korea. His uncle Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) murdered his father, the King when he was just eight. Almost killed but saved by a mysterious man who carry a police ID tag of Jeong Tae Eun (Kim Go Eun).

Review The King Eternal Monarch

Living in a parallel world means there is another you with identical looks, blood type, fingerprint and everything apart from name, personality and how you are brought up.

Bamboo forest

Legend said that the mystic Manpashikjeok flute possess power that one desire and will open the door to another world. Lee Rim was after that flute but it was halved during the murder in 1994, Lee Gon has the other half.

Review The King Eternal Monarch

Tae Eun’s ID tag from the future 2020 and the flute slowly lead him to the door in the bamboo forest and he stepped into Republic of Korea where he meet Jung Tae Eun. With no identification card and a rare white horse, Tae Eun caught him back to the station for questioning. Lee Gon just glad that he finally met the owner of the ID card.

See it to believe

He say that he is a King from another parallel universe that happen to travel here to find the answer he wants. If a stranger tell you this, will you believe? When she starts to line things that happened to her, she start to believe him but want to witness it herself. So, Jeong Tae Eun went to Kingdom of Korea.

Review The King Eternal Monarch

Second person is his buddy/ bodyguard Jo Yeong (Woo Do Hwan) who feel flustered when Lee Gon disappear from the bamboo forest and claims that he went to another world. To see it for himself, he went over and see him in another world.

Review The King Eternal Monarch
Review The King Eternal Monarch

Killing spree

Review The King Eternal Monarch

In order to recruit his army, Lee Rim has been swapping people from both worlds and been building his power in both lands since 1994. When some people Lee Gon met in Republic of Korea know him, he knew things is wrong and there are people that lives in Seoul which are not suppose to.

Review The King Eternal Monarch

Luna is a wanted criminal in Kingdom of Korea but she is the ‘self’ of Jeong Tae Eun in the same world as Lee Gon. Lee Rim knew and start to plan the swap to replace Tae Eun in her world.

Review The King Eternal Monarch

Mysterious man from 1994

Review The King Eternal Monarch

Knowing that the man that save you at eight it actually you. After that you need to find out how to get there and how to reverse the ending.

Things have to return

Review The King Eternal Monarch

The most talked and saddest part of the drama. When Jo Yeong need to bid goodbye to Jo Eun Sub and return to Kingdom of Korea, both know that the chances of seeing each other is probably impossible.

Review The King Eternal Monarch

How will they overcome their love in two parallel universe?

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