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No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Gaming, Sci-fi, Fantasy

Native title: 全职高手
Available on Netflix, Tencent Video

The drama is about a online game Glory 荣耀 and a career as a professional gamer. Ye Xiu aka Ye Qiu 叶秋(Yang Yang) is a well known top-tier player, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu 一叶之秋 in the world of Glory under a professional team Jia Shi 嘉世战队. Due to circumstances, he was indirectly forced to leave the company and the character he grooms from zero.

Ye Xiu decide to form his own team and reenter the gaming competition.

Review The King 039 S Avatar

Legend back to zero

Ye Qiu left Jia Shi after playing a decade with them. The manager hint that his career as a professional gamer will be drawing curtains by bring a new replacement as the team’s leader, Sun Xiang 孙翔 (Leo Liang). Ye Qiu decides to part way with Jia Shi after Sun Xiang joined.

Review The King 039 S Avatar

Since Ye Qiu always puts on a mask during the competition, no one except people from Jia Shi knows how he looks like. Ye Qiu left Jia Shi and went to the nearest place, the cyber cafe owned by Chen Guo 陈果 (acted by Maggie Jiang) which is opposite of Jia Shi. Ye Qiu since stays in the cyber cafe and help to do all the miscellaneous task like registering customers and fixing any spoiled computers.

Review The King 039 S Avatar

Since he has no experience apart from playing Glory, he breaks instead of fixing things in the cybercafe. The mischievous side of him got unleashed. During work, he start a new character in the Glory world and soon the skills of the unknown character is famous.

Review The King 039 S Avatar

Real Identity

Turns out Ye Qiu’s actual name is Ye Xiu, and things got exposed when his twin brother went to the cyber cafe to look for him. Ye Qiu (his brother) is not into games, instead, he inherited their father’s empire and being a businessman is his passion.

Review The King 039 S Avatar
This is Ye Qiu, the twin younger brother of Ye Xiu. Ye Qiu went to learn how to be a business person, and that explains his style.

Building his team

Chen Guo idolized Ye Qiu and still supporting him after he left Jia Shi, even though she don’t know his actual identity. After she found out that his worker Ye Xiu is her idol, she was speechless and immediately regret treating him badly.

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Ye Xiu found back his passion and drive and want to form his own team. Since he needed money, Chen Guo became their investor and boss. Ye Xiu embark on his journey to find the talents he need to form his team, investing a lot in rookies and retired gamers.

Image result for 兴欣战队

In sequence of the members joining Xing Xin 兴欣战队

  • Ye Xiu playing Jun Mo Xiao 君莫笑
  • Tang Rou唐柔 (acted by Daisy Li) playing 寒烟柔
  • Qiao Yi Fan乔一帆 (acted by Fan Jin Wei) playing 一寸灰
  • Bao Rong Xin包荣兴 (acted by Leon Lai) playing 包子入侵
  • Luo Ji罗辑 (acted by Sun Ning) playing  昧光
  • An Wen Yi安文逸 (acted by Li Jun Chen) playing 小手冰凉
  • Mo Shen魏琛 (acted by Kingsley Bai) playing  迎风布阵
  • Mo Fan莫凡 (acted by Yang Ting Dong) playing 毁人不倦
  • Wu Chen伍晨 (acted by Song Han Yu) playing 晓抢

“Welcome Back”

The scene when all the leaders in the various professional team welcome Ye Xiu back into Glory, that moment is worth rewatching.

Image 5

When all the leaders stood up in the game and say the same thing “原有你的荣耀 用不散场” (translate: Wish that the Glory

The moment that you experience true sportsmanship even in gaming. Really touching scene that will let your tears linger around.

The end of a new beginning

This is how I am going to summaries the ending of The King’s Avatar.

Review The King 039 S Avatar

Bonus – The “last but not least”

When Mu Chen say “我是苏沐橙,今天正式归队了” (translate “I am Shu Mu Chen. I am officially back in the team today”). GOOSEBUMPS and touches my heart, this poor little girl suffering on her own in Jia Shi all these while.

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